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5 things to know about League of Legends patch 9.15

This might be a smaller patch, but at least the Project skins are back

Akali decked out in her Project armor Riot Games

As we get closer to playoffs in the various competitive leagues around the world, League of Legends’ patches are getting a little bit smaller. This time around there are only a few minor nerfs and buffs to make up this pre-playoffs patch.

There were plenty of small champion changes to go around in this patch to champions like Galio, Karma, and Leblanc. In the case of Galio and Leblanc, these changes represent fairly large buffs, but for Karma, this patch is only nerfs.

Meanwhile, there were a few new changes in the jungle as well. Graves, Kha’Zix, Lee Sin, and Malphite all received some pretty minor improvements. These buffs mostly amount to a bit of extra damage on certain abilities. Evelynn, one the other hand, got sent in the opposite direction with a slight nerf.

For a full look at all the buffs and nerfs of League of Legends patch 9.15, you can check out our patch notes. If you’re looking for Teamfight Tactics content, you can also head to our patch summary for that mode, or the full patch notes.

Syndra in her base skin Riot Games

Mid laners got some small buffs

Xerath, Lissandra, Leblanc, and Syndra all got a few minor buffs this patch. None of these changes should be game-changing but they might help out in a few places. Xerath’s ultimate range is now 5000 at every rank, which means that for the first two levels he can now shoot way further. Syndra and Leblanc both got some damage buffs. For Syndra it was a buff to her ultimate, while Leblanc gained damage on her Ethereal Chain. The biggest changes came to Lissandra who got a slight increase in base health, as well as a 15 percent damage increase on her ultimate.

Arclight Vayne Riot Games

Vayne and Lucian were buffed

Keeping up with this patch’s theme of small buffs are the ADCs Vayne and Lucian. Vayne now does 150 percent of Condemn’s damage to a target when it pushes them into a wall. Even better, Condemn’s damage now applies instantly, rather than after the target gets knocked back. Lucian only gained five damage a shot on his ultimate at level two and 10 at level three, but those should can add up quickly.

The legacy cursor is officially gone

It’s time to mourn the bronze glove just one more time as Riot has finally removed it from the client for good. It had a good run, but it’s time to move on to newer and nicer icons, and the new cursor seems to have been a good replacement for the good ol’ glove so far.

Malphite’s base skin Riot Games

More Malphite buffs since last patch didn’t do much for him

Malphite got a few pretty substantial changes last patch, but they didn’t quite put the giant rock where Riot wanted him. To help get him rolling Riot’s bringing in a few new boosts. His Q is now going to slow for five percent more at every level. His W will now do more cleave damage, and the cleave damage will now work with Hunter’s Talisman, which should help keep him a little healthier in the jungle. Finally, in a huge quality-of-life update, his ultimate will now cast at max range, if you try to cast it beyond its range. Riot has this listed as a bugfix, but that’s a pretty big buff in our book.

Project Pyke Riot Games

Project skins are back

The Project skin line has long been considered one of the coolest and most exciting in all of League of Legends, and that isn’t changing this time around. The new skins this patch are coming to Pyke, Irelia, Jinx, Akali, and Warwick which should give you plenty of Project options no matter which role you like to play. Irelia is also getting a special bonus with this patch’s Prestige Edition skin which changes out her red, grey, and purple armor for silver and gold.