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5 things to know about League of Legends patch 9.13

League’s newest melee assassin has arrived

Riot Games

League of Legends patch 9.13 is here and there’s a lot more than Teamfight Tactics to be excited about. While the new game mode will certainly be the top draw for a lot of players, Riot also stacked this patch with a new champion and some big changes to a couple of almost-forgotten champions.

The new champion this time around is Qiyana, a melee AD assassin, something we haven’t seen in League for quite a while. Her abilities revolve around where she stands on the map, with things like the river, bushes, and walls augmenting her abilities.

As for the patch’s updates, both Udyr and Illaoi saw some significant changes. Neither one got a total rework — or even a soft rework — but they were close. They’ve both gotten a few edits to their abilities as well as a ton of tuning changes that should help them be a little bit more viable in-game.

For a look at everything that’s changing in League of Legends patch 9.13, you can take a look at the full change list.

Qiyana poses in front of an explosion while welding her ring Image: Riot Games

Qiyana has arrived

Patch 9.13 is kicking off the summer with a brand new champion, Qiyana. Qiyana is the first AD assassin League has gotten in a very long time — basically since Zed — which already makes her one of the most interesting champions released recently. She’s also got a pretty unique kit that changes depending on the terrain she’s standing on. She might have a slightly tough time fitting into the meta at the moment, but at the very least she she should be a lot of fun to try out.

Illaoi is getting a lot of changes

Believe it or not, Illaoi has been in League of Legends for almost four years now, and she’s never quite found her niche. So, in hopes of finally turning her fortunes around, Riot is giving her a few big changes in patch 9.13. For one, her W will now deal a minimum damage that will also be applied to turrets. She’s also getting some changes to her E including the fact that the duration that an enemy’s spirit is held will no longer decrease when they attack Illaoi. Hopefully, these changes will be enough to get Illaoi some time in the spotlight on Summoner’s Rift.

Riot Games

Udyr is back with a few improvements

Continuing this patch’s trend of giving some love to champions who really need it, 9.13 has a few Udyr changes in store. First off, all of his abilities will now be able to level up to six, giving them a little more power in the late game, and a few more scaling options for Riot to play with on balance. This should keep Udyr from the problem he’s always had of either being broken, or useless. Speaking of tuning, Riot is also adjusting just about every number in Udyr’s kit this time around, but the whole effect should leave him quite a bit strong than he is right now.

Damage text should look different this patch

Damage text hasn’t had an update in quite a while, so Riot is going in and trying to make things a little more clear and a lot more readable during combat. All physical damage is now orange, magic damage is now cyan, and all true damage is white. Crit damage is also getting a new bigger and more clear animation, that should give you a bit more satisfaction when you get a lucky attack off.

Riot Games

This year’s Arcade skins are here and ready to play

A new slate of Arcade skins has arrived and this year’s look great. This time around the skins are going to Kai’Sa and Caitlyn — who’s also getting a prestige skin. Also on the way are the more villainously-inclined video game skins, the Battle Boss line. The two Battle Boss skins are coming to Yasuo and Qiyana.