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5 things to know about League of Legends patch 9.11

Let’s Bounce is back

Riot Games

League of Legends patch 9.11 is here and since it’s the first patch following the mid-season, it’s a little light on changes. Most of this patch’s adjustments are just simple buffs and nerfs, but they could have a big impact on a few champions. The only other major change coming with this patch is that Zac was partially reverted back to his old, bouncier self.

Champions like Akali, Karthus, and Jayce are all getting simple nerfs. Increased cooldowns and decreased damage are changes that quite a few champions are getting this time around.

The good news is a few champions did make it out of the patch with buffs. The bad news is one of those champions was Janna. Hopefully her buff isn’t enough to put her back into every game ever, but we’ll have to wait and see.

For a look at everything that changed in League of Legends patch 9.11 you can check out the full patch notes.

Old Zac is back, sort of

Zac’s 2017 rework wasn’t the best. The goal was to make League’s best green blob into a CC-based tank and while that did technically work, his new state was never quite as interesting as his old one. So, to help Zac bounce back, Riot is reverting his W, to make it do percent of health damage again, and his ultimate. Let’s Bounce is back to its original state and that means Zac can once again fling himself into the back line and create havoc, just like he was always meant to.

Riot Games

Lots of champions got nerfs

As with most small patches, Riot chose to focus its attention on some of the game’s biggest outliers in patch 9.11. That means champions like Akali and Jayce are both getting some significant nerfs. Also getting a nerf is Karthus who has some how managed to sneak through this entire season so far as a top-tier jungler without really getting changes. Speaking of junglers, Amumu is also getting a pretty big nerf to his passive damage as it moves from 13 percent to 10 percent.

Image: Riot Games

Quality of Life buffs for Yuumi

Yuumi is a pretty divisive champion in that you probably either think it’s possible to win a game with her, or you think an ally selecting her is no different from a surrender vote. Unfortunately, for people in the latter camp, Yuumi isn’t getting any straight buffs. The good news is she’s getting some quality of life buffs and clarity improvements that should at least make some of her abilities a little more clear, which should help both the worst Yuumi players and the best.

Janna is getting a shield buff

Once every couple of years Riot decides it’s time to buff Janna. And it’s that time again. This time around the buff is applied to how often she can shield her allies. Every time she slows and enemy or knocks them back, the cooldown of her shield is reduced by 20 percent. This probably means that she can shield a whole lot more often, which also means we’re likely to see her pop up in more games. Hopefully she doesn’t take over the meta completely, but it wouldn’t be too surprising if she did, so be prepared.

Riot Games

Little Demon Tristana

League of Legends fans voted and Riot listened, Little Demon Tristana is here. Since this skin was chosen via the fan vote, it looks like Riot wants to make sure everyone can find something to like in it so it’s releasing with quite a few chromas. So, no matter what your favorite color is, there’s probably a version of Little Demon Tristana for you.