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5 things to know about League of Legends patch 9.10

The one with Yuumi!

Riot Games

League of Legends latest patch is here a little early, and it’s bringing a new champion to the game with Yuumi.

The new support battle-cat is the most exciting part of the patch and certainly what most players are going to want to see when they first load into a game on patch 9.10. Yuumi’s ability to latch onto allied champions gives her a totally unique method of movement in the game that should be fun to get used to.

Alongside Yuumi’s arrival in this patch there are also a few balance changes to various champions including Master Yi, Riven, and Vayne, as well as some smaller updates to other champions.

Finally this patch is bringing the Battle Academia skin line into the game with a total of six skins all being added in this one patch, making it one of the biggest skin patches ever.

For a full look at everything that changed in League of Legends patch 9.10, you can look at the patch notes.

Image: Riot Games

Yuumi is here!

Yuumi is League of Legends’ newest support and one of the most unique champions Riot has ever designed. Along with doing her own spells, and moving on her own, Yuumi can also attach to allies and let them do the moving for her. When she’s attached to an ally, she gives them a portion of her AD or AP — depending on what’s most useful for them — a heal for herself and her ally, and a more advanced aim-able skill shot that she can use. It’s unlike any other champion in the game and should be fun for just about anyone to try out whether you like support or not.

Master Yi got a few changes

There’s no two ways about it, Master Yi is really old. In fact, he could probably use a full rework. But until then Riot is offering players a brief fix for Master Yi’s jankiness in patch 9.10. This patch is removes the cast time from Yi’s Q and W and allows Yi to hit the same target a second time with his Q if it doesn’t have another target. Both of these are huge quality of life changes, and at the very least get him a little closer to modern-champion standards.

Updates for AD items

AD items are in a pretty good spot overall, but Riot is still trying to situate a few things with patch 9.10. Most importantly, Essence Reaver and Guinsoo’s Rageblade — the two problem children in the category. Essence Reaver is getting the least complicated buff ever: five extra AD. No strings attached, just a little more damage. As for Guinsoo’s this patch makes it hit at three hits instead of two, so slightly less often, but its armor and magic penetration are at 15 percent as a base now, instead of scaling based on your level.

Riot Games

Conqueror is finally getting a nerf

Conqueror has been strong basically since it came out. Riot’s made a few changes in the past, but the rune sticks around anyway. This time around Riot is taking another shot at nerfing it by moving from 10 percent of all damage dealt against a champion being converted to true damage and healing to eight percent. This is a pretty straight forward nerf to the rune, but it will still probably usable by the few champions it’s best on.

Riot Games

The Battle Academia skins are here ... just in time for summer

Ezreal, Lux, Jayce, Katarina, Graves, and Yumi are all getting skins this patch! Even more impressive, all these skins are part of the same line: Battle Academia. While Graves and Yuumi are part of the Academia skin line, technically their skins are called Battle Professor and Battle Principal respectively, as apparently they’re part of school faculty.