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League of Legends patch 9.22 change list

The one with Senna

True Damage Senna poses, reaching out to the viewer, while wearing a bright red scarf Riot Games

We’re in the final stretch of the year in League of Legends. Patch 9.22 will wrap up the ranked season and bring out some dope skins to celebrate the year.

Yes, the competitive season ends on Nov. 19, which means if you’re making a last-minute sprint to Gold for Victorious Aatrox, you need to finish your climb soon.

Senna is also finally joining the League of Legends roster on this patch, complete with a fancy True Damage skin. She won’t release until Nov. 10, so you’ll have to wait before you can take the support and her gigantic railgun on to the Rift. The sweet True Damage skins, including the extremely dope Louis Vuitton Qiyana skin, will also release on Nov. 10.

None of the dragon changes or preseason changes are in this patch — those will be coming later.

As usual, you can also check our Riot’s patch notes for full context or our Teamfight Tactics patch notes, if that’s more your thing.

End of Ranked Season 2019

As a reminder to all you ladder-climbers, the Ranked season for Summoner’s Rift will end on November 19 12:00AM PT! One-tricks, meta monsters, and Fill mains unite and get your last minute grind on for that Victorious Aatrox skin (if you’re honor level 2 or above).


Senna’s base splash art Riot Games


Senna escapes from the lantern on November 10!

Riot Games


W cost increased.

W - Volley

COST :: 50 mana >>> 70 mana

Riot Games


Q base damage decreased.

Q - Rocket Grab

BASE DAMAGE :: 80/135/190/245/300 >>> 70/120/170/220/270

Riot Games


Q bugfixes.

Q - Rootcaller

LEAVE ROOM FOR DAISY :: Ivern will now always dash into melee range of the target

THREE’S A CROWD :: Fixed a bug where Ivern would land inside some jungle camps when dashing with his Q

ABRA-KADABRA-ALAKAZAM :: Fixed a bug where allies would teleport to unexpected locations when Ivern would dash to a rooted target

Riot Games


Q missile damage after first hit decreased.

Q - Icathian Rain


Riot Games


W mark duration and bonus damage on marked targets increased.

W - Sentinel

BONUS DAMAGE ON MARKED TARGETS :: 5/7.5/10/12.5/15% of target’s maximum health >>> 10/12/14/16/18% of target’s maximum health

MARK DURATION :: 3 seconds >>> 4 seconds

Riot Games


Q base damage decreased. W cost increased.

Q - Radiant Blast

BASE DAMAGE :: 70/115/160/205/250 >>> 60/100/140/180/220

W - Celestial Blessing

COST :: 60/70/80/90/100 mana >>> 70/80/90/100/110 mana

Riot Games


R AP ratio decreased.

R - Unstoppable Force

RATIO :: 1.0 ability power >>> 0.8 ability power

Image: Riot Games


R primary target base damage decreased.

R - Depth Charge

PRIMARY TARGET BASE DAMAGE :: 200/325/450 >>> 150/275/400

Perseus Pantheon’s splash art, which has more of an aquatic and godly theme. He wields a trident and uses a shield that looks like it has Medusa’s head on it. Riot Games


Q minion damage reduction increased; execute threshold decreased. W increased dash speed from boots removed.

Q - Comet Spear


EXECUTE THRESHOLD :: 25% of target’s maximum health >>> 20% of target’s maximum health

W - Shield Vault

[REM] NO LONGER WALKING ALL OVER YOU :: Pantheon’s dash speed is no longer increased from boots

Riot Games


Base AD, health regen growth, and AS growth increased. Q damage increased later. E bugfix.

Base Stats

ATTACK DAMAGE :: 64 >>> 66


ATTACK SPEED GROWTH :: 3% >>> 3.5%

Q - Arctic Assault

DAMAGE :: 80/120/160/200/240 (+0.4 ability power) >>> 80/130/180/230/280 (+0.6 ability power)

E - Permafrost

BUGFIX :: Passive now properly resets its debuff duration when reapplying at max stacks

Riot Games


Base health regen and magic resist increased; health regen growth decreased. W cost decreased.

Base Stats

HEALTH REGEN :: 7 >>> 9


MAGIC RESIST :: 36.1 >>> 39

W - Kingslayer

COST :: 50/55/60/65/70 mana >>> 40/45/50/55/60 mana

Riot Games


E width changed on base and all skins

E - Flay

WIDTH :: Increased the width to match the actual hitbox for gameplay clarity

Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan snuggle up close to each other while menacingly holding out their signature feathers Riot Games


W bonus attack speed decreased.

W - Deadly Plumage

BONUS ATTACK SPEED :: 40/47.5/55/62.5/70% >>> 35/40/45/50/55%


  • If her target dies before Caitlyn’s Energized (via items like Rapid Firecannon and Statikk Shiv) Passive - Headshot hits them, Caitlyn will no longer be damaged in their stead
  • Ornn’s second R - Call of the Forge God activation now properly knocks up enemies close to it
  • Gangplank’s E - Powder Keg’s barrels now properly trigger Teemo’s R - Noxious Trap’s shrooms
  • Game invites will no longer disappear if the game owner changes modes
  • Fizz’s Q - Urchin Strike now properly breaks spell shields
  • Twisted Fate’s R - Destiny will no longer block projectiles (like turret or dragon attacks) if it is interrupted
  • If Taric casts R - Cosmic Radiance and dies during the cast window, the cooldown will now reflect the proper time and not reflect his W - Bastion cooldown
  • Rek’Sai’s R - Void Rush refund now properly and consistently works when enemy champions die during the cast and dash of the ability
  • Syndra’s R - Unleashed Power HUD icon now properly shows how many Dark Spheres are available to use on cast
  • Nidalee’s Q - Takedown’s empowered basic attacks now properly deals damage to traps
  • When Sion casts R - Unstoppable Onslaught out of its range, the ability will now properly cast immediately instead of after he walks into cast range
  • When Q - Twin Bite is on cooldown, Shyvana’s basic attacks on structures now properly reduce the ability’s cooldown
  • Rift Herald’s summon trinket now properly has the 1 second lockout period that all trinkets have to prevent accidental usage

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

The following skins will be released this patch.

  • True Damage Yasuo
  • True Damage Akali
  • True Damage Ekko
  • True Damage Qiyana
  • True Damage Senna
  • True Damage Qiyana Prestige Edition
True Damage Qiyana Prestige Edition sits atop a Louis Vuitton blade while decked out in other LV accessories Riot Games

The following chromas will be released this patch:

  • True Damage Yasuo
  • True Damage Akali
  • True Damage Ekko
  • True Damage Senna