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AD crit items are being hotfixed for patch 8.12

We’ll see if it’s enough to get thing back to normal

Riot Games

Marksmen aren’t in a great place right now. With picks like Brand and Vladimir taking their place in the bottom lane, players of the traditionally critical strike dependent champion class have been begging for some improvements to their once powerful items. Thankfully for them, Riot has heard their cries and is starting to take a look at crit items again, and has even issued a hotfix for a few of the weakest outliers.

Infinity Edge, once one of the strongest items in the game and now one of the weakest, was the first to get a slight tweak as its price was moved down from 3700 to 3600. Stormrazor, the go-to laning item for just about all crit based marksmen, also got a pretty big buff as its attack damage rose by 5 points, and the movement speed buff that the item’s passive grants will give players 20 percent movespeed instead of 10 percent, but will wear off just a little quicker. Finally, Essence Reaver was changed in hopes of giving casters marksmen a bit of a boost. The attack speed steroid that the item grants now lasts slightly less time, but will increase attack speed by 50 percent instead of 30 percent.

These aren’t exactly earth-shattering changes, but they are a good start toward Riot’s long road to bring marksmen back up to speed with other champions. As for the short term, we’ll have to wait and see if these changes are enough to appease players, at least until the next patch.