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Here’s every rune that got nerfed or buffed in patch 8.10

Ryze and Cassiopeia mains are gonna be really happy with this one

Riot Games

Balance changes on runes each patch has become the new normal for season 8, but it’s rare that Riot take as big a pass at as many runes as they have in patch 8.10. Six runes got changed in total this patch and some of them might be significantly stronger after the tweaks.

To help you keep up with all the changes to your rune page, here’s a breakdown of everything that got changed.


Cheap Shot - Buffed

DAMAGE 12-30 ⇒ 15-40

This one’s pretty straight forward. This rune wasn’t great, but now, with all it’s extra early damage it might be a good choice on certain champions.

Ingenious Hunter - Buffed



This is a buff, but only barely. This rune isn’t great and without some serious changes to items like Blade of the Ruined King, it’s unlikely that this kind of buff will make people start using Ingenious Hunter more.


Phase Rush - Buffed

MOVEMENT SPEED 15-40% ⇒ 25-40%

This should provide a pretty massive buff to champions that used this rune. Even better, it’s not like these champions had other options for runes here anyway, so this buff won’t come at any cost for champions like Cassiopeia.


Demolish - Buffed

BASE DAMAGE 125 ⇒ 175

This changed isn’t much. Sure, it makes Demolish a slightly more attractive option, but if you weren’t taking it before, this probably doesn’t change anything.

Chrysalis - Nerfed

HEALTH 60 ⇒ 50

This is certainly a nerf, but there also isn’t much else worth taking in this tree. For champions that take resolve as a secondary option, this is still likely going to be one of the best runes.

Bone Plating - Nerfed

DAMAGE REDUCTION 20-50 ⇒ 15-40

Just like the other Resolve changes, this isn’t enough to move the rune from its place in the game, but it should help that place for a little more balanced. Bone Plating was one of the best runes for secondary defensive stats, and now it should be a little more in line with other options.


Perfect Timing - Buffed

TIME AVAILABLE 10 minutes ⇒ 8 minutes

Yep, another change to Stopwatch. This time it’s being put back into a slightly better place once again making this the go-to option if you’re a squishy mid lane mage up against an assassin.