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5 things to know in League of Legends patch 8.10

The one with bounties, rune changes and sexy Shen

Riot Games

It’s 8.10 and we have a lot of things to talk about. The balance changes are light, but the system changes are pretty big. We have some serious changes being implemented into the bounty system as well as some more rune updates. The jungle is also getting switched up quite a bit, with both item and Rift Scuttler changes. Two Rift Scuttlers enter, but only one will leave, so say goodbye to the double crab river.

Like any good League of Legends patch, we’re getting new skins. And these aren’t any skins, they’re Pulsefire skins. And these aren’t just Pulsefire skins, one of them is a Shen skin. When it comes to 8.10, just think about it this way: only one more patch until Pyke (probably) comes out. So join us as we explore five things you need to know about patch 8.10.

For a complete list of 8.10 changes, check out our article here.

Changes to bounties should make solo carrying a little easier

League of Legends is undeniably a team game, but over the last year or so it’s been, maybe, a bit too much of a team game. So in order to help roll back the team gold and focus things more on individual players, Riot is changing the way bounty gold is granted. Currently, part of the gold from bounties is going toward the team rather just the killer. As of patch 8.10, bounties will start rewarding exclusively the killer and are going to give that player more gold as well. This should create more of an opportunity for individual players to snowball and make a difference for their team.

Small runes are getting a balance pass

Patch 8.10’s rune changes aren’t the biggest we have ever seen, in fact, they are just routine number changes for the most part, but there are a lot of them. There are eight runes in total getting changed in this patch and some by a pretty significant amount. It’s likely that we won’t know exactly what effect these changes will have on the game until people have had a few days to try out all of the affected runes and see which ones are in a better place.

Riot Games

There can be only one crab on Summoner’s Rift

The jungle is changing quite a bit this patch. Almost all camps are having their base experience lowered, now scaling up as the jungler levels. This comes alongside the massive changes to the Rift Scuttler. There is now only one Scuttler at a time and they grant a massive experience boost to whoever manages to take it. The starting items have been changed as a result. All of this to say that your initial jungle clear is going to be very different in 8.10.

Watching your friends’ replays just got a whole lot easier

There’s not a lot here beyond what the patch notes say. You can now download the replays of other players’ ranked and Clash games. This is exciting for plenty of reasons. For one thing, you could find a player at the top of the challenger ladder and see how they play your favorite champion, and maybe learn a thing or two. Or ... maybe you could just make gifs of your friends fail flashing in ranked games. I don’t know.

New good, good, good, good skins are here

Boy. It’s a good patch for skins y’all. We’re getting three new Pulsefire skins for Riven, Twisted Fate, and (of course) Shen. These skins are all very fancy, as you might expect from the Pulsefire line. There are also very cool new Dragon Master Swain chromas.

That new Shen skin is really hot y’all, I’m sorry (I’m really not).