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The latest mid-patch update gives Kai’Sa some small nerfs

Kai’Sa’s base attack and Q cooldown are getting some love taps.

Riot Games

Kai’Sa has been a controversial champion ever since she arrived on the Rift. Her initial kit simply wasn’t performing, and so Patch 8.6 wheeled her in for some quick surgery to get her back up to speed. Kai’Sa received buffs across the board, and her basic attack range was upped by 25. Those buffs have done the job, and now Riot are walking her back a little so that she doesn’t suddenly become a little too strong. Her base attack now does slightly less damage, and her Q has a slightly higher cool-down. It’s nothing that will kneecap Kai’Sa, but she should have a little less power in her arsenal.

Last patch, we gave Kai’Sa some reactive buffs to give players more room to learn her kit. Now that players have had time to understand her strengths and weaknesses - and how to play around them - we’re pulling some of those props back out. There are other buffs shipping for Kai’Sa this patch, and we think those changes are a better direction overall for her strength profile.



65 ⇒ 63

Q - Icathian Rain


45 mana ⇒ 55 mana

Kai’Sa is a new take on a marksman, especially considering she’s the first champion in years to roll out without any crowd control on her kit. Hopefully these love taps keep her at a nice level of power, and we don’t suddenly fall prey to the Void’s latest predator.