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Patch 8.4: Rengar’s reverted kit got a hotfix

The Pridestalker still had a few bugs to work out.

Riot Games

Patch 8.4 took Rengar back to his former glory in more ways than we could have expected. While it reverted his kit back to it’s pre-season-seven state, it also brought with it quite a few bugs, some of which were simple enough for Riot to fix immediately with hotfix that went out late Thursday night.

The most immediately evident bug to fans that accompanied Rengar’s champion revert was that he repeated voice lines over and over again when he reached max ferocity, thankfully, this annoying issue has been corrected.

CALM DOWN, DUDE: Rengar will no longer repeatedly use a VO line when reaching max ferocity stacks

FUMBLE: Fixed a bug where Rengar’s Q - Savagery empowered attack fizzled if Savagery’s buff expired during the attack animation

BLUE JUICE: Rengar can no longer gain mana potions from the Kleptomancy Rune

The other two fixes are a little more gameplay oriented. The first was a fix to his Q — Savagery, which sometimes lost it’s empowered status if it was used too close to the end of it’s duration. The other change was that Rengar can no longer gain mana potions — a resource he neither has nor uses — from the Kleptomancy Rune. While the rune may not exactly be the best on the champion, this at least ensures that every item he gets from it can actually be used.