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League of Legends Patch 8.4: 5 things to know

One of the biggest normal patches ever!

Riot Games

Have you ever been surprised by the sheer size of a League of Legends patch? If no, prepare to flip when you see Patch 8.4. This patch has so much good stuff in it that we actually can’t fit it all into this post. Sure we’ve got the real important stuff like the AP item rework, the Rengar reversion, Zoe nerfs, objective buffs, and long awaited skins. But we couldn’t fit changes like the massive rune re-balance into this or the fact that Trackers Knife is just gone now. Just prepare yourself, this patch is huge. Get excited for the first major meta shift of season 8.

If you wan’t to see all of the awesome changes in this patch, check out our complete list.

1. AP Items have received a major rework

Ability Power items in League of Legends were getting a little stale, so it’s no surprise that Riot decided it was time for a bit of a refresh. In Patch 8.4, almost every AP item in the game is getting one change or another.

The changes are a little too specific to get into here, but Riot’s basic goal is to allow items to showcase the different strengths of all types of mages, rather than having every mage build the same thing. Now, just about anyone that deal magic damage will have a whole host of both new and old items to choose from.

2. Old Rengar is back thanks to his champion revert

Rengar’s rework could have been a little better. While a couple of the additions were nice, overall Riot decided that the new version of The Pridestalker missed the mark slightly, so they are bringing back most of his old kit. But AD Carries be warned, this includes his fan-favorite original Q, Savagery, which was tailored made for blowing up squishy targets.

3. Zoe is being “over-nerfed”

Look, I’m not going to lie to you and say that Zoe one-shotting targets at 30 minutes was fine, and neither is Riot. The way she released, Zoe was simply way too strong, and apparently, Riot doesn’t quite know what to make of her now. In response, Riot is taking Zoe’s power level way, way down, by nerfing almost every ability she has. According to Anderi “Meddler” van Roon, the game’s lead gameplay designer, Riot want to nerf her then bring her back up slowly. For now though, it’s just a whole lot of nerfs.

Riot Games

4. Elder Dragon and Baron are both getting more powerful

Riot is still feverishly battling against the dreaded 50 minute game and the next targets for change are the Elder Dragon and Baron effects which are both getting big late game buffs. For Elder Dragon that means increased strength for each one taken after a team’s first, as well as an eight minute respawn timer instead of 10. Baron is also getting some flat AP stat buffs as well as new and improved stronger Baron minions.

5. Dragon Master Swain is finally here, also a new Jarvan skin

Folks have been waiting for Dragon Master Swain to be a reality for years now. Well, it’s finally arriving in Patch 8.4, and all it took was a massive rework to old Swain. This extremely cool skin can be yours for 1350 RP. But Dragon Master Swain isn’t the only cool skin hittin’ the Rift in 8.4. Jarvan IV, who has basically no cool skins right now, is getting a Dark Star. If you like purple, evil void stuff, this is the J4 skin for you. Similar to Swain, this skin is also 1350 RP.

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