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5 things to know about League of Legends patch 8.24

The last real patch of the year

Riot Games

The last patch of the year is here, sort of. League of Legends patch 8.24 contains the last big changes the game will get until 2019, but there will be a smaller update, called patch 8.24b, that gets released sometime in the middle of December.

As for this patch, we’re getting a brand new champion who’s a master of disguise, as well as a few nerfs and buffs to the champions that the preseason has been particularly impactful for, like Jax and Irelia. Dark Harvest is also finally getting its much needed nerf.

Meanwhile, a few champions are going to look and sound a little nicer after the patch updates their visuals, and the game’s winter skins for 2018 get added. There are also a few ranked changes coming through to get a workout in the preseason before ranked officially starts next year.

Patch 8.24 is due out on Dec. 5 and as always you can check out the full patch notes on our post here.

Neeko is here now

Neeko, League’s newest champion, is here and ready to transform into everyone around her. The shape-shifting chameleon can transform into her allies in order to trick enemies and set them up for her impressive CC and damage abilities. Being able to turn into anyone also gives Neeko quite a few interesting character interactions with other champions. Neeko’s also likely the last champion to be released in 2018.

Dark Harvest is getting nerfed so you shouldn’t see seven a game anymore

Dark Harvest has already been nerfed once since its rework, just hours after its initial release, but it should come as no surprise to see it nerfed again here. With some games having as many as eight or nine champions using the rune, it’s getting its damage slashed in half, hopefully making it a little more balanced and bringing things like Electrocute back into the meta.

Riot Games

If you were in division V of any rank, you get a free boost to division IV

Yep, division V is going away and rather than demote everyone down a tier Riot is giving everyone who is currently in division V a promotion. So, everyone who was V is IV now and there are only four divisions to climb through as you look for your next promotion. On top of that, this patch is also adding in the new promotion system, but you’ll have to be unranked to see it. The Grandmaster and Iron ranks are getting added as well.

Several champions got visual and sound updates

Sometimes, champions get old and that’s OK. For those champions that still play well but who look a little weathered, Riot has taken to giving them a facelift. The latest of these champions to get a visual tune up are Anivia, Gragas, Dr. Mundo, Teemo and Renekton. Along with their visuals, these champions are also getting upgraded sound effects for most of their abilities and some new animations as well. This should set them up to be in a great place as next season starts, since they aren't likely to get reworks any time soon.

Riot Games

Winter skins are on their way

It’s once again time for Summoner’s Rift and its heroes to get ready for the winter months and to celebrate, Riot is bringing out new skins for Twitch, Dr. Mundo, Soraka and Master Yi. Each skin is snow-themed, as always, but this year’s skins have a more royal feel to them with things like Ice King Twitch and Frozen Prince Mundo. Not Yi though. He’s just a snow man.

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