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5 things to know about League of Legends patch 8.20

New Ezreal is here

Riot Games

The newest League of Legends patch is here and it sure does look a lot like the end of a season. With just a few patches left before all the preseason changes hit, things have slowed down quite a bit for the live team. Add on top of that Worlds and patch 8.20 doesn’t have a whole lot going on. But, with some big changes to Ezreal and a couple champion adjustments, this patch does have a few tricks up its sleeve.

Among the smaller champion changes are a few numbers tweaks to Graves and Sion, who both got adjustments to their base stats. Meanwhile, Jhin got another bugfix on his passive and Nami’s Ebb and Flow got a slight healing reduction. None of these changes are too earth shattering, but hey, that’s the end of the season for you.

More importantly, this patch also comes with some fantastic skins including Infernal Amumu and the first Heimerdinger skin since 2014.

If you want a full look at the patch notes for 8.20, you can check out our change list.

Ezreal got a new W

Ezreal’s W has never quite felt as meaningful as his other spells. Unless you were building nothing but ability power, the spell didn’t do much damage and the only thing it was useful for was it’s attack speed increase, which felt a little strange for an ADC to have when it was tough to use on himself. Now, Ezreal’s W marks a target and a second ability will detonate the mark for more damage, which should fit with the rest of his kit a little bit better.

Riot Games

Ahri and Evelynn got tweaks

Ahri and Evelynn aren’t exactly two champions at opposite ends of the spectrum right now. Both sit high in their roles in both play rate and win rate. But that fact isn’t very well represented by the changes they are receiving in this patch. Ahri is getting a slight buff to her ultimate, that makes its cooldown a little lower at early levels, while Evelynn is getting a little less damage on her ultimate early on in games. While this may be enough to knock Evelynn off her perch near the top of the jungle, it should certainly be the push Ahri needs to take over one of the top spots in mid lane.

Dark Harvest was hit with an early-game nerf

Dark Harvest, it seems, has been in a perpetual state of flux ever since the new rune system was introduced at the beginning of the season. It started out too weak for anyone to use, then slowly made its way from terrible to over-powered as the season progressed, both thanks to changes directly to the rune and to the champions and items it synergizes well with. Now that it’s been strong for a while, Riot has decided it’s time to take another look at Dark Harvest and nerf it’s early game to be a little weaker, while still making it a good choice for scaling champions.

Riot Games

You can tell whether or not you’re eligible for end of season rewards

The end of the season is quickly approaching and that means seasonal rewards are almost upon us. As per usual, all players that haven’t recently been hit with a chat restriction or an account suspension should be eligible for some end of season rewards. This season, Riot is even introducing an icon in your player profile that will let you know if you’re eligible for the Victorious skin and what else you’ll earn when the season comes to an end.

Heimer has a new skin finally

Poor Heimerdinger, he isn’t exactly the easiest champion to design skins for. With his weird shape and turrets requiring some extra theme work that not a lot of champions do, it’s been quite a while since his last skin was added to the game. In fact, it’s been a little over four years. Thankfully for fans of the yordle inventor the wait seems to have yielded a pretty great skin: Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger. Just like the other Dragon Trainer skins, this one has dragon allies — turrets in this case — and looks absolutely fantastic.