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League of Legends Patch 8.2: 5 things to know

The one where all the bad stuff got nerfed and Sightstone went away.

8.2 feels like the first real patch in season 8. Sure, we had 8.1 two weeks ago, but it was so small that hardly any of League’s Big Problems got fixed. Well, 8.2 has come to the rescue of many with a few much needed nerfs.

If Vayne has been plaguing you, don’t worry, she got nerfed. How about literally any of the champions that take Kleptomancy? Nerfed. Even stuff you might not think about like, “Gee, my turret seems to die awfully fast nowadays,” has seen changes.

But the biggest change comes to our friends with an inclination to help others. The all powerful Sightstone has been rolled into the other support items, giving those with the least gold a little more flexibility in their build.

For a full list of 8.2 changes, check out our patch notes.

1. Support items are updated and Sightstone is no more

If you’ve missed this announcement over the past few weeks, I’m sorry you have to hear it from us. Yes, Sightstone has been removed from the game. However, don’t cry just yet. Rather than supports having to individually buy a Sightstone, the support items have been reworked. Instead of having a cool active once you upgrade your Relic Shield, Ancient Coin, or Spellthief’s Edge, you will be granted a free Sightstone for completing your support quest.

This actually seems like it might be great for supports, but we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out in 8.2.

Riot Games

2. Vayne got a much needed nerf

During Patch 8.1, Vayne had a 16 percent playrate and a 54 percent winrate, making her one of the most played and most successful champions in the entire patch. Unsurprisingly, that also makes her a prime target for Riot’s nerfs, and that’s probably a good thing. In Patch 8.2, Vayne is losing a bit of damage on her ultimate and some attack speed scaling which should help bring her in line with other AD Carries.

3. Kleptomancy is less effective

The Kleptomancy rune has been a part of League of Legends for a couple of months now and we’ve all had our fun, but it’s time for League of Klepto to end, at least on most champions. In Patch 8.2, Riot is making Kleptomancy way less likely to activate, meaning only the champions like Ezreal and Gangplank will really be able to make use of it.

4. Turrets are more durable

Now that we’ve had a little bit of time with the season eight changes, Riot noticed that laning phase isn’t quite what it used to be. So to remedy that, turrets are getting a little more durable in the early game, but won’t scale up quite as much as they used to. This should help turrets stay up a little longer and champions and players that are a little more dependent on laning phase to prosper in this season’s faster meta.

Riot Games

5. Minions have items now

Nothing about minions is changing, the items are just a way of telling players about minion mechanics that were previously hidden. So, if you see a minion wandering your lane with a full inventory don’t worry, the items are more for you than they are for him.