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League of Legends Patch 7.19: 5 things to know

You can stop banning Janna in solo queue now.

Riot Games

With Worlds underway and the last competitive patch out the door, Riot is jumping into the large scale changes head first with Patch 7.19.

The biggest of those changes in this patch are the three light reworks that came in for Azir, Xin Zhao and Vayne — all champions that have been out of favor with just about everyone for almost a year, for Azir, and much longer than that for the other two. These should be the last large scale champion changes that happen before the preseason begins in a little more than a month.

Also included in this patch are some of the changes players have been asking about for months including Janna nerfs and, finally, a nerf to Ardent Censer that may stop it from showing up at least twice in every single game we all play and watch.

Sticking with the theme of changes everyone has been asking for, the client is getting a few quality of life updates that should make sorting through things a little easier and Yorick’s six year drought of new skins will finally come to an end.

For a look at all the changes that were made in this patch, check out our full list here.

1. Azir and Xin Zhao got light reworks

Riot has made secret about the fact that Azir was one of their hardest champions to balance. When he’s weak it’s easy enough to bully him in lane. But, make him strong and he is an absolute terror poking enemies from afar leaving them no chance to respond thanks to his mobility. In order to combat this issue, Riot is tweaking Azir’s kit just a bit focusing on the mobility and reigning in his range just a little.

As for Xin Zhao, well, he’s just an old champion. Much like the rest of League’s oldest champs, Xin Zhao seems to be in a bit of an identity crisis compared to more modern designs. Thankfully, his ultimate ability provided the perfect space for Riot to change that. Xin Zhao’s new kit focuses mostly on his ability to sweep the enemy team out of the way so he can duel one specific champion, making him similar to other duelists but with his own unique twist.

2. Ardent Censer is getting nerfs, but they aren’t as big as we expected

Ardent Censer is getting nerfed in Patch 7.19, but it probably isn’t being taken all the way out of the meta the way some people hoped. Instead, the item will reward aggressive play, giving the buff to the caster of the shield as well as the target, but it’s losing the on-hit heal. Meanwhile, the attack speed and damage that the buff grants are getting small nerfs in the early game, in favor of pretty big late game buffs.

3. Bot lane got a ton of changes, including a kit update for Vayne

Riot Games

Sure, there are a few changes to Caitlyn and even more for Janna in Patch 7.19, but the real story for bot laners is that Vayne is getting some much needed love. The poster child for late game carries looks like she is finally trading in a bit of that identity with these changes. In exchange, Riot is giving her a real laning phase, with better early game damage and a reset on her ultimate that makes it last longer for every kill she gets when it’s active.

4. You can finally sort champions in the pregame lobby

Ever since the beta test of the new client, almost a year ago(!), people have been asking Riot to give them more sorting options for champion select. It turns out, scrolling through a list is a tough way to pick one champion out of 138. Riot is finally answering that request and giving options to sort champions by Mastery, Position (top/mid/jungle/etc.), and even letting you make a list of favorites to choose from.

5. Yorick got a new skin!

Riot Games

The last time Yorick got a new skin was in June of 2011. That’s right, six years ago. In other words, this is a big deal. Alongside Yorick’s new Arclight skin, Patch 7.19 is also bringing us new sword themed skins for Master Yi, Janna and Fiora as well as, the very strange, Beekeeper Singed skin.