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Tristana, Kalista and Rakan all got nerfed in Patch 7.18

Maybe now, there will be a few more champions in bottom lane!

Riot Games

The bottom lane has been dominated by just a few champions for almost 3 patches now, but that’s all about to change thanks to 7.18.

At AD Carry, Tristana and Kalista are the two champions getting hit with the nerf bat this patch, ending their long run at the top. Tristana’s bombs have had enough damage to burst tanks and squishy targets alike recently, but those Explosive Charges, are getting huge nerfs to their scaling from her attack damage. Meanwhile, Kalista is just getting a slightly less invasive change, as her ultimate, Fate’s Call, gets a slightly longer cooldown.

As far as supports go, the only change this patch hits the game’s best support by a mile, Rakan. Thankfully for support mains, the nerfs aren’t too devastating. Rakan is losing a bit of movement speed on his Grand Entrance, but he is getting a shorter cooldown on The Quickness. These changes shouldn’t take him out of the meta completely, but they should give other supports the chance to rise in priority during pick and ban.

For a look at all the changes from Patch 7.18, take a look at the full patch notes, or our breakdown.