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Patch 7.18 finally nerfs Gragas and Jarvan

Nidalee and Ivern buffs mean we could see a whole new jungle meta soon.

Riot Games

The jungle has been all about a few standout champions over the last couple of months, but it looks like that’s finally about to change. With Patch 7.18 Riot is nerfing some of the jungle’s biggest stars and trying to buff a few champions we haven’t seen for a while.

Over the last few patches Jarvan IV has had more than his fair share of strengths in the jungle. Between his high burst damage and his Golden Agies ability, which grants him a shield, it could be almost impossible to take him down. This patch tunes down his shield a bit, nerfing its base strength as well as the amount that it scales from Jarvan’s health.

Also taking a step back this patch is Gragas. Everyone’s favorite barkeep is losing a little bit of base armor, but that’s certainly not the biggest change to the champions. Also getting a look is the hitbox of his Body Slam. One of the most reliable stuns in the game, the ability extended just beyond the champion. So, Riot is trimming down the size of that hitbox making the stun a little harder to hit.

Meanwhile, Nidalee and Ivern are both getting slight buffs which could be enough to get them back into the meta. For Ivern, the buff was to his Trigger Seed’s damage. For Nidalee, the buff centers on her heal which got a ratio increase.

For a look at all the changes from Patch 7.18, take a look at the full patch notes, or our breakdown.