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Fiora and Nautlius buffed, Gnar nerfed in Patch 7.18

The tide (meta) ebbs.

Riot Games

Patch 7.18 launched with a lot of balance changes, presumably because this is the big Worlds patch we’ve been waiting for.

Because of the new Bramble Vest, Fiora has been in a terrible spot. With the latest buff to her passive’s movement speed, this should help her be able to keep up with the pack. This is actually a revert to past nerfs from Patch 7.14! We’ll probably see the Grand Duelist on the Rift again.

Gnar took a hit this patch with a nerf to his base health. It has gone down 30 points from 540 to 510. This change only affects mini Gnar and it’ll make the slippery little bastard less hard to kill when he’s jumping around and kiting you.

Nautilus is the winner of the top lane changes, with a nasty (in a good way) buff. His hook, Dredge Line, now only costs 60 mana at all ranks and landing the hook on terrain refunds half of the mana cost. This means Nautilus is now actually Spider-Man and we’re going to see him happily launching himself from wall to wall.