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Zed is getting buffed just in time for Worlds

Could League’s best ninja be making a return to the game’s biggest tournament?

Riot Games

Zed is far and away one of the most exciting champions to watch in all of League of Legends. In the hands of pro players, Zed’s ability to move around the map and work in strange and creative positions is taken to an entirely new level. The flashy plays and the aggressive style that make up Zed’s identity flies in the face of a lot of the champions we have seen professional players use this season, and now he is getting buffed.

The buff isn’t exactly huge, just a slight increase to the amount of time that his Living Shadow stays around, and a little more base attack speed. But with the meta shifting around Zed, and the possibility of more buffs in the near future, we could see League’s best ninja return to the professional scene’s biggest stage.

It’s been three years since Zed was a staple pick at a World Championship and in the mean time the game has slowed down. And that’s why now is the perfect time to bring AD assassins back into the game. With tanks looking strong right now, split pushers and duelists will be the natural counter and with just one more buff Zed could be in a perfect place to be one of the World Championships most interesting midlane pocket picks.