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Ezreal’s poke buffed, Draven's stacks nerfed in Patch 7.17

Not that a little nerf can really keep Draven down.

Riot Games

AD Carries have been in a contentious position for most of 2017.

At the beginning of the year, the meta was ruled by those champions that could most reliably CC their opponents like Ashe or Varus. Then, it was all about sustained, scaling damage, so Caitlyn took the lead. Now we are split somewhere between Sivir, Kalista and Tristana in a strange kind of battle between utility and burst damage. On the outskirts of those few favored champions are Ezreal and Draven.

Ever the popular champion Ezreal has lagged behind quite a bit this season, unable to keep up in either damage or utility and forced to play far too passively in lane to get much done on trades. However, thanks to a buff to his Mystic Shot in Patch 7.17, he should get the chance to be a little more effective both in lane and out.

Draven on the other hand has popularity that most often comes in waves, he’s hot for a couple months, then he disappears completely. The last several patches have been kind to The Glorious Executioner, and his play rate, win rate and ban rate all sit extremely high in the AD Carry rankings.

So, that means it’s once again time for Draven to take a step back. In Patch 7.17 he will be getting a little less gold from his passive when he kills a champion, and the penalty for death — losing Adoration stacks — will be much steeper increasing from a loss of 50 percent of stacks to 75 percent. Thankfully for Draven mains, these aren’t too drastic, but they should give other champions a chance should they have an unfortunate early game.