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Patch 7.13 changes: Trundle is good, Shaco is bad

Well, that’s fine, I guess.

This patch added quite a few changes to the top lane and the jungle, while the bot lane stayed mostly the same. As usual, let’s dive into what champions saw the biggest win rate changes this week!

All information is collected via, so these win rates are all from platinum and higher.

Trundle is still sitting below 50 percent, but the changes to his abilities really did help the troll get back to a decent place. His Chomp now bites turrets and Frozen Domain gives better lifesteal and health regeneration. This is not the content we signed up to write about. :(

Despite Shaco’s big damage buffs to his Two-Shiv Poison, he’s dropped off quite a bit in solo queue! We weren’t really expecting him to sky-rocket up the win rate chart, but we definitely weren’t expecting him to drop. This might just be from overexcited players picking him and not knowing how to play him, but we’ll give him some time and come back to that win rate.

Galio has been strong for too long, so nerfs finally came in patch 7.13. Hero’s Entrance takes longer to charge now (though his travel time was lessened, so there’s not really too big of a change there.) His Winds of War base damage was also nerfed, while the ratio was upped a bit. As expected, his power in the mid lane dropped off so he’s now sitting below the 50 percent win rate line.

The bot lane didn’t really see much action in patch 7.13. Neither of these champions were touched but they still shifted a bit. Oh, well. It’s like that sometimes, I guess.