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League of Legends Patch 7.15: 5 things to know

Urgot is here! And some other stuff happened too.

Patch 7.15 is finally here and it’s going to continue the shakeups we saw last patch. Patch 7.14 shook up the season’s meta so far with huge changes to lethality and tanks pushing both back up into the forefront of the game. With that in mind, patch 7.15 throws a few changes the way of tank killers as well as adding a few more champions to their ranks.

The biggest addition of patch 7.15 is certainly the terrifying, and much needed, new rework of Urgot which will finally go live after its reveal almost three weeks ago. Surrounding new Urgot may be a host of fresh faces we haven’t seen in a long time with champions like Azir, Jinx, Lissandra and Lux all getting a few buffs in 7.15.

For a full look at the changes in patch 7.15, check out the patch notes here.

1. The Urgot rework has arrived

It seems like we have been waiting for an Urgot rework longer than League of Legends has existed, which is why it is so exciting to see the creepy-crab scuttle his way onto the Rift. If you haven’t taken a gander at Urgot’s new kit, you are in for a treat. He has shotgun-knees, an adorably short ranged basic attack and can literally eat enemies. Cool stuff.

In all seriousness, Urgot is shaping up to be a potent top lane champion, especially with the current rise of the tank meta. Once an enemy gets to 25 percent health, he can take them down no matter how beefy they are. Never forget that, and be careful that you don’t become his next snack.

2. Shadow Assassin Kayn lives to fight another day

With all the Urgot excitement, it is hard to remember that we got another new champion just last patch. As expected after two full weeks of beat downs and learning opportunities, Kayn is getting some light buffs and, far more importantly, some bug fixes.

First up, Umbral Trespass, Kayn’s ultimate, now has a higher AD ratio. This ratio is lost when Kayn chooses his Darkin form, so really this is just an early game buff to this ability and a much needed buff to Shadow Assassin. Speaking of Shadow Assassin, it turns out there was a weird oopsy with Umbral Trespass and Duskblade of Draktharr. When Kayn would enter a foe, it would not proc the “unseen” part of Duskblade, you know, the whole point of the item.

Other bugs that will now help improve Shadow Assassin’s damage have been fixed. If you would like to see a full rundown of the bugs, check out the full list of patch notes.

3. Duskblade got scaled way back

In patch 7.14 Duskblade of Draktharr got a little too much of a buff. What should be a niche item only fit for use by League of Legends’ best assassins turned into a terrifying tool almost anyone could use to blow up a squishy carry. This was particularly bad in the bottom lane where a few AD Carries could take advantage of the item and deal huge amounts of damage with nothing else in their inventory. It was oppressive enough to get a couple tweaks in the middle of the patch, but with 7.15 it’s getting some full scale changes. Now range champions who use Duskblade won’t get the slowing benefits of the Nightstalker passive and won’t do quite as much damage as their melee counter-parts.

4. Dr. Mundo can no longer be damaged (basically)

Everyone’s favorite masochist is back and it seems like the balance team may have gone a tad bit overboard with this one. Dr. Mundo’s E, Masochism (the one where he headbutts people), has been given a brand new passive. Whenever Mundo takes damage or spends health, his magic resistance is increased by two percent. This stacks up to three times at level one and 15 times at level five.

When will this ability ever not be maxed? There comes a moment where you just leave your W burning at all times with Mundo. For those of you who haven’t done the math yet, Mundo will be getting an additional 30 percent magic resist once Masochism has been maxed. That is a bunch of magic resist and will make League of Legends’ most notorious raid boss far more difficult to bring down.

5. Nasus is now a tank buster

Nasus has always been a point of contention for a lot of people. Thanks to his ability to gain almost infinite damage thanks to his stacks, he can be pretty tough to deal with in the late game. Unless, of course, you had a tank. Patch 7.15 makes a slight change to that fact by giving his Spirit Fire ability a percentage armor reduction rather than the flat one it had before.

This should mean that Nasus won’t be much more effective at killing squishy targets, but should be far more effective against tanks as he renders their armor slightly less useful during a fight. On top of that he is getting a new reduced cooldown on Siphoning Strike when his ultimate is activated.