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Diana returns in patch 7.14 with attack speed buffs

Her attack speed is faster than moon beams.

Ah yes, Diana, one of League’s most forgotten champions. There are those that love her, but it seems as though we haven’t seen her in the meta for years. These new changes look to remedy that, with a significant buff to her passive and some quality of life changes around her entire kit.

Diana’s passive, Moonsilver Blade, has been reworked significantly. Instead of just granting Diana a 20 percent attack speed buff at all times, it builds off of her spell casts and lasts for the next three attacks. The bonus attack speed now also scales with ranks on Moonfall, Diana’s E. Additionally, each time her passive procs, Diana gains mana equal to 15 percent of her current ability power.

Most of her other abilities saw small changes as well. Crescent Strike had its cooldown lowered in the early game. Pale Cascade now costs less mana in the early game. As mentioned earlier, you now have a reason to level up Moonfall, as the passive attack speed bonus can scale all the way up to 90 percent.

Overall, this should help Diana find a better place in game, especially in the jungle. Now that she is all about attack speed, her clear is very, very fast. Perhaps she will be able to outpace some of the other popular AP junglers. All I know is that if you aren’t building Nashor’s Tooth, you are doing it wrong.