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Thornmail changes add Grievous Wounds and health, reduce armor

Spikes on spikes on spikes.

Patch 7.14 comes with a lot of changes for Lethality and top laners. With the buffing of scary, tank-killing items, everyone’s favorite Rammus Armor needed an update. Thornmail now has some updated perks and a new build path (complete with a new, baby Thornmail for babies).


The armor on Thornmail is being reduced from the staggeringly high 100 to a measly 75. To compensate, it is also getting 250 health added into it. The reflection passive has also been updated.

When you are hit with a basic attack, Thornmail will reflect 25 plus 10 percent of your bonus armor back at the attacker. The attacker will now also be inflicted with Grievous Wounds for one full second.

As a super added bonus, attackers will now have their attack speed lowered by 15 percent for one second.

Thornmail now costs a total of 2900 gold and has a new build path: Ruby Crystal, Warden’s Mail, 400 gold and the brand new Bramble Vest.

Bramble Vest

Bramble Vest is like the Bami’s Cinder of Thormail items, allowing for a smaller version of the Thornmail passive without all the investment.

Bramble Vest grants 35 armor and reflects 20 damage and Grievous Wounds back at attackers. It builds out of two Cloth Armor and 300 gold.