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League of Legends Patch 7.14: 5 things to know

Changes to Cho’Gath, Diana and Singed to make squishy carries unhappy.

Patch 7.14 brings lots of fun, new things to the table. In additions to a new champion, we have minor reworks for three older characters. Combined with the changes to tank and assassin items, it seems that Riot is trying to shift the meta a bit before we hit the worlds patch. We could be staring down the dark barrel of another unstoppable tank meta, so get your Lord Dominik’s Regards ready.

While there are a lot of changes to absorb for this patch, here are the five things that you really need to know before hoping into Patch 7.14.

1. Kayn is coming

League of Legend’s newest champion hits the Rift this patch. The transforming, scythe wielding assassin/juggernaut exists to ruin your life if you are an AD carry. He can also walk through walls and jump inside your body. Kayn will be released at some point in the early part of patch 7.14. Usually that means the day of, but sometimes it could be a few days later. We all think that he is going to be pretty strong on release, so enjoy having only nine bans for the next few weeks.

2. Cho’Gath’s E is no longer a toggle

Cho’Gath has more changes, but still no rework. It hasn’t been that long since everyone’s favorite four armed void monster got changed last time. Back then, about two months ago, it was all about his ultimate and his ability to scale infinity off of it, in Patch 7.14, however, the changes focus on his E - Vorpal Spikes which now just alters his next three basic attacks, deals a bit more damage and slows.

3. Item updates for tanks and assassins

Riot hasn’t been shy about item changes in 2017 and patch 7.14 is no different. Fresh off their Mid-Season Update changes, some tank items are getting refreshed again. The biggest change among them is an updated Thornmail that may actually prove useful now as it adds an attack speed slow and a little more damage reflection.

Also getting an update this patch are some of the staple lethality items like Duskblade of Draktharr and Edge of Knight which are both losing their out of combat movement speed. Meanwhile, Youmuu’s is becoming the go to choice for mobile assassins as it gains a little more out of combat movement speed and a little less damage.

4. Diana’s even more attack speed focused now

Diana is going to get an update, though it probably won’t happen for a while, so until then, patch 7.14 is giving her a few changes to tide her over. Most of all the changes focus on her attack speed as well as making her basic attack restore mana. This certainly isn’t enough to make her a good champion or even a viable one, but it should be enough to keep Diana fans happy until her eventual update.

5. Singed just got even more slippery

Singed has been given a completely new passive this patch. He has lost the ability to gain additional health for every bit of mana that he builds, which is fantastic news. However, he will instead be able to drift around enemies. Basically, whenever Singed passes and enemy champion, he will gain a small speed boost. While this effect does have a per-champion cooldown (similar to Yasuo’s E), this will make everyone’s least favorite mad-scientist even harder to catch.

It is an old lesson, but a good lesson: never chase Singed. Don’t do it. Stop. Think about your choices. Turn around and go home.