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Patch 7.13 is full of top lane changes

Gargoyles, Yordles and trolls. Oh my.


If you have looked at the 7.13 patch notes, you have probably thought yourself “Wow, this patch means nothing to me if I’m not top or jungle.” Well, mostly, yeah. 7.13 brings some cool new features as well as some awesome new skins. But as far as balance is concerned? Mostly just two roles. Sorry mid mains, maybe they will nerf Anivia next time.

In the top lane, we have some decent changes coming out to some of our favorite champions ... and Trundle.


Galio is finally getting some much needed nerfs. His Q, Winds of War, is having its base damage reduced while its ratio is seeing a small buff. His ultimate, Hero’s Entrance, is seeing a small increase to the time it takes him to leap. However, he now takes less time in the air, meaning that the total travel time is technically not changed.

All this means is that Galio is actually going to be played more top than he was before. With base damage down and ratio up, that means he is going to get more bang for his buck when it comes to AP items. Hope and pray that Rod of Ages doesn’t find its way back into the meta.


The baby boy is comin’ home! After some time out of favor, Gnar looks to make a triumphant return with some minor buffs. His Q, Boomerang Throw, is seeing a significant increase to its late game base damage. When Mega Gnar lands on you with his E, Crunch, you will also be feeling the hurt from a little farther away (Crunch has had its range increased significantly).

No more stout Gnar jumps!


Oh Kennen, your meta twisting ways will always remain a mystery to us. Thankfully, the thunder rat has had some power taken down in his W. AD Kennen is also getting a significant nerf. W, Electric Surge, now deals a small amount of base damage and scales off of your bonus AD and total AP. Runaan’s Huricane will no longer work with Pikachu Kennen. To compensate for these nerfs, his E, Lightning Rush, now scales better with AP.


After his long running stint of being a pretty OP tree, Maokai is seeing a few buffs. His base health is getting a small buff and the range of his ultimate, Nature’s Grasp, is being increased by 500 units (that is big). The late game cooldown of Nature’s Grasp is also being reduced.


Who doesn’t love when Poppy is strong? Well, she is getting a very small buff. Her Q, Hammer Shock, will now deal eight percent of the target’s maximum health rather than the puny seven percent of yester-patch. If you can tell a difference, bless you.


Trundle buffs ...

Q, Chomp, can now damage turrets.

The base attack after Chomp now works less bad better, scales off attack speed.

W, Frozen Domain, now grants increased lifesteal and regeneration.

Uninstalls League of Legends.