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League of Legends Patch 7.13: 5 things to know

So many things we asked for: Honor, good SKT skins and ... wait, Rek’Sai buffs?! Dammit, Riot.

Riot just released the notes for all the buffs and nerfs coming in League of Legends Patch 7.13, and we’re here to let you know the most important info before you jump into solo queue.

The last couple of patches have included pretty massive introductions to the game and Patch 7.13 is all about making sure those changes are balanced correctly. Thanks to that, we are getting big tweaks to a few of the recently reworked champions as well as some of the strongest, and not so strong, items that have been added in the last couple patches.

These item changes focus mostly on the tank items, and updates, with last patch’s support centric item updates completely absent from the list of balance changes. It remains to be seen if this means Riot is happy with those items or they just aren’t ready to change them yet. Either way, Patch 7.13 brings us plenty of other changes to take a look at!

For a full list of the Patch 7.13 changes, check out our patch notes post here.

1. Item changes everywhere

It’s been a while since we have seen tweaks to the jungle items, but Patch 7.13 has that covered. Most notably, Enchantment: Cinderhulk is getting quite a few changes that should be a net health gain for the game’s tankiest junglers, and Tracker’s Knife and Stalker’s Blade are both giving mana reliant junglers a boost to their resource regeneration in the jungle.

But those aren’t all the item changes coming in 7.13. That patch is also addressing some of the other outlying items, like Abyssal Mask which is getting a new build path and a brand new passive, that gives mana for taking damage and health for spending mana.

2. Galio Nerfs

Galio was released at the end of March and that’s about how long he has needed a nerf. After all, a champion can’t expect to be unchanged after enjoying a presence in 95% of the professional League of Legends games so far this Summer Split. Thankfully, Patch 7.13 has us covered and is giving a few tweaks to everyone’s favorite gargoyle.

Few things have been as talked about with New Galio over the last several months than his ability to clear waves of minions as a tanky champion thanks to his Q, Winds of War. Patch 7.13 deals with this issue taking the abilities base damage down, but increasing it’s scaling to make hybrid Galio players just a little happier.

3. Honor, for real this time

Remember in the 7.12 5 Things to Know post? When we talked about the Honor buff? Well, the OCE region has had the new honor system for a full patch and it is time for the rest of the world to join in the fun. With Patch 7.13, the after game voting screen will be active as well as the new leveling reward system that surrounds Honor. If you need a quick reminder on all of this new stuff, check out this excellent explainer.

4. Rek’Sai is getting buffed?!?

To say that this change was surprising would be a criminal understatement. Anyone who has watched the LCS over the last week or so, or played any solo queue, knows that, since her buffs in Patch 7.12, Rek’Sai is a bit of a terror coming out of the jungle. With her recent rework into a more assassin focused Champion, Rek’Sai has some serious damage, and that was before Patch 7.13 gave her a few more buffs. Thanks to this most recent patch, Rek’Sai’s ultimate, Void Rush, will now do even more damage.

5. The SKT skins are here

After weeks of teasing and testing, the 2016 World Championship skins will finally be hitting live. This third batch of SK Telecom skins uses a red and black color scheme that is very, very cool. The skin batch includes: Zac, Olaf, Nami, Jhin, Syndra and Ekko. There is even an adorable kkOma Ward to accompany the gang. If you want to take a look at all of these cuties before they hit the Rift, check out this miniature documentary that Riot put out.