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League of Legends Patch 7.11: 5 things to know

Updates for Kindred, Rek’Sai and Malzahar, item sets, a new ban system and more!

The notes for patch 7.11 are here and to make things easier for you to understand, we’ve broken it down for you.

Patch 7.10 dropped two weeks ago, giving us follow-up for the tank update as well as mini-updates for Heimerdinger and Rammus. This week, we’re seeing further changes to some tanks based off of the Sunfire Cape changes we saw in patch 7.9 as well as mini-updates for three more champs.

For a list of all the changes for 7.11, go here.

1. Rek’Sai, Kindred and Malzahar receive mini-updates

All three champions above are getting changes to their kits to restore them to a more individual and clear path.

Rek’Sai has a new ultimate ability, allowing her to dash into the enemy backline and target whoever she wants. The cooldown on her Tunnel has also been dramatically reduced - at max skill level, she can re-enter tunnels every two seconds. The damage ratio on Queen’s Wrath has been buffed and she now has a bonus attack damage ratio on Prey Seeker. She’ll also be gaining fury faster than ever before.

Kindred’s biggest change is that they now gain attack range and ability buffs for each stack they collect. They no longer do percentage health damage dependent on stacks in return. Stacks now grant an additional 5 percent of bonus attack speed for Kindred’s Dance of Arrows, 0.5 percent current health damage for Wolf’s Frenzy and 0.5 percent missing health damage for Mounting Dread. There’s also a whole lot of changes to the ratios and numbers behind Kindred’s kit that you should just read the changelist for.

In exchange for nerfing support Malzahar, his spot in the mid-lane hasn’t been the greatest. These changes are to help make mid-lane Malz healthy again while making sure his support counterpart doesn’t become the scariest void-thing on the Rift again. (Yes, even scarier than Baron.) Voidlings are going to do a whole less damage and he’s going to have way more damage up front.

2. The 10 ban system is coming into draft queues

This will be rolled out sometime during the patch, with it hitting normal drafts first. The 10 ban system uses a simultaneous system - not the system we see in competitive. Both teams ban at the same time with duplication being possible. You can also chose to not ban without dodging if you love playing League on hard mode.

3. Item sets return to the client


The item set feature was put on the backburner for the new client team because according to their data, a very few amount of players used it. With this patch, item sets are back and they work exactly how they used to - if not better.

4. Lots of changes in top lane

The Sunfire Cape changes that came out in patch 7.9 made a lot of top-lane tanks need a much needed tune-up. Sion’s Soul Furance has gotten buffed with bigger shields and shorter cooldown, Malphite’s Ground Slam scales with more armor, and Dr. Mundo’s Burning Agony does more damage. Maokai has a good chunk of changes, following up last patch with a huge nerf to his Sapling Toss and passive, Sap Magic.

Renekton had a couple bug fixes to him in the last few patches that left him worse off than he was to start. His changes in 7.9 and 7.10 have both been reverted.

5. Chemtech Tryndamere arrives

This creepy Tryndamere skin will be made available sometime during the patch for 975 RP. It features a new model and textures as well as new visual and sound effects.