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League of Legends Patch 7.7: 5 things to know

Big changes to Amumu and Bard, new skins and more!

Riot Games

We’re two weeks removed from the release of Galio, so it’s time for League of Legends Patch 7.7! In addition to some tweaks for everybody’s favorite Galio, there are plenty of nerfs and buffs to go around for champions at a variety of positions.

There are also a pair of new skins coming out (one’s a Hextech exclusive) and a new All Random Summoner’s Rift mode (which is exactly what it sounds like). The biggest changes come to Amumu, Alistar and Bard, who both get tiny reworks this patch. There are also new updates to the LCU replay system, including a new way to extract highlights.

We’ll try not to bog you down with too many details, but here are the five things you really need to know before stepping onto the rift on Patch 7.7. For a list of all the changes, click here.

1. New Amumu passive

The sad mummy’s been in a sad state for quite some time, with better options for tanks and AP damage dealers in the jungle. Riot’s given him some more utility and interaction with his teammates by changing his passive.

Previously, Amumu’s passive (Cursed Touch) would cause his basic attacks to reduce enemy magic resistance. Now, it will cause “15% of all magic damage dealt to the target to be dealt again as true damage.” That’s pretty enticing for magic damage-heavy compositions, especially considering how popular AD-heavy compositions have been recently.

That’s not the only change to Amumu -- his W does more damage, and refreshes his passive on all enemies hit. His ultimate will also apply his passive after damage is dealt, to prevent that from being too OP.

2. Buffs to Alistar and Bard

Two supports that were very popular in Season 6 before falling off the face of the earth this year, both Alistar and Bard are getting pretty significant tune-ups this patch.

Alistar’s E, which previously healed the nearest ally, now heals all nearby allies, giving him a significant team-fighting boost. The cooldown on his new E, Trample, has been reduced, and now does more damage on the empowered auto-attack that follows.

As for Bard, the buff comes to his chimes. Previously, Bard’s meeps would gain bonus damage every few chime tiers. Now, the damage-only tiers have been removed, as Bard will get 15 bonus damage every single chime tier (five chimes collected).

3. Camille, Galio, Shaco, Graves, Rengar, Talon nerfs

This is sort of a catch-all “strong champion got nerfed” category. All of them have been strong performers recently, and all of them are getting slight tuning to try and scale back their (relative) dominance.

After nerfs in four of her first five patches since release, Camille had stayed out of the patch notes for a minute. But she’s still strong, especially in laning, so there are two changes coming: 1) her W will no longer heal off non-champions, which is a change that likely everyone saw coming and 2) her ultimate lasts less in the early game.

Reworked Galio is the latest new release, and while he seems relatively healthy in four different positions, he’s a bit strong. The damage on his passive has been reduced, and the AOE damage on his Q has also been taken down (the AP ratio on the initial damage has increased, however).

Shaco’s been a bit of a solo queue terror since his mini rework, and there are further changes to him this patch. The attack damage scaling on his passive has been lowered, but the AP ratio that was previously on his Q has been moved to his passive. His Q’s base damage has also been removed, and the cooldown has been increased.

A quick run through the rest: Graves’s True Grit stacks will no longer grant him magic resist, making him more susceptible to AP junglers. Rengar and Talon’s Q base damage have been reduced at later ranks.

4. Raptors tweaks

Oh, raptors. By far the most deadly of all jungle monsters, they’ve killed more League of Legends players than any other. They’ve also become more popularly recently as the starting spot for some junglers, especially those with AOE clearing.

This patch, the raptors’ base attack damage has been lowered, while the health has been increased. Keep that in mind when you try and slay the chickens next time!

5. New skins

Two new skins are coming this patch: one for purchase, and one a Hextech Exclusive.

For sale, God Fist Lee Sin:

Riot Games

And the Hextech Exclusive, Dreadnova Darius:

Riot Games