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Rengar, Kha’Zix and Ivern among 7.3 jungle nerfs

Jungle nerfs continue, could leave room for Warwick to be the star.

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The most consistent theme in Season 7 patches so far has been trying to bring the jungle into line. In the first two patches, that meant tweaks to the whole jungle to prevent huge leads over laners. In Patch 7.3, the trend continues with changes that focus on taking down the power of three of the game’s strongest jungle champions.


Q - Savagery

DASH DISTANCE :: 200 >>> 150

W - Battle Roar

[REMOVED] BATTLE MEOW :: Empowered cast no longer gives crowd control immunity for 1.5 seconds

R - Thrill of the Hunt

CAMOUFLAGE DURATION :: 14/22/30 seconds >>> 12/16/20 second

No matter how much you love Rengar, these changes are probably for the best. The Pridestalker was an absolute terror during the early and mid game in solo queue and has been either picked or banned in 100% of professional game this season, and has the highest winrate, 79%, of any champion played in more than 20 games. These broad-stroke across the board changes should go a long way in helping Rengar transition into a high risk high reward pick and away from his current state as everyone’s worst nightmare.


Q - Taste Their Fear

RATIO :: 1.4 bonus attack damage >>> 1.2 bonus attack damage

EVOLVED CLAWS COOLDOWN REFUND :: 60% on isolated targets >>> 45% on isolated targets

Kha’Zix ability to single out a target was almost unbeatable — except by Camille — during patch 7.2, so it’s no surprise here that these Q changes are all he gets here. So far over the course of the 2017 season he has been the most played jungler in all of competitive play and the second most played in Solo queue, being played in 13% of games. This should help keep him viable, without letting him one-shot champions at seven minutes.


R - Daisy!

[REMOVED] HEALTH REGENERATION :: Daisy no longer regenerates 3% maximum health per second while out of combat

ARMOR AND MAGIC RESIST :: 20/60/120 >>> 15/40/90

ALL WORK AND NO PLAY :: Daisy will no longer start attacking the ground and teleporting out of control

INVISIBLE DAISIES :: Daisy will no longer become invisible in rare circumstances

It’s a little strange the write changes about a champion when the champion themselves aren’t getting touched, but here we are. Ivern’s summoned Sentinel friend really is the source of a lot of his strength which is why these changes are important. While he hasn’t quite been picked up in professional play, Ivern did have the second highest winrate in solo queue during patch 7.2 at 53%. Not only is it going to encourage more thoughtful use of the ability, thanks to the toned down tank stats, but the bug fixes were sorely needed.


MOVEMENT SPEED :: 345 >>> 340

BASE ATTACK SPEED :: 0.644 >>> 0.625

These changes are probably the least significant in the jungle this patch, but they should alleviate Vi’s solo queue dominance this season. Since the season started Vi has been the highest winrate jungler, winning 54% of the games she’s in. The changes directly target Vi’s ability to simply be faster than everyone else, which could pretty easily snowball a game out of control for her team.