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Zyra, Morgana and more supports get balance changes in Patch 7.24

Those Zyra changes scare us a little bit.

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A lot of champions got tweaked this patch, with supports being no exception. Let’s take a look at the shakedown that bot lane got!


Bard got some changes to his base health regeneration, gaining two more health per five seconds. He also got a little buff to his passive, Traveler’s Call, making his meeps do a bit more damage.


Leona was hitting a bit too hard for a support tank, so the base damage on her W, Eclipse, has been nerfed.


The Fallen Angel got some mana regeneration adjustments but more importantly, her passive, Soul Siphon, doesn’t give spell vamp anymore. She now gets healed a percent of her damage done to champions, big monsters and big minions. (And yes, that just sounds like spell vamp, but it’s not.) Her W, Tormented Soil, now goes on cooldown five percent sooner every time her passive is triggered.

Riot Games


Sona’s Q, Hymn of Valor, does less damage and costs more mana, but scales a bit more with AP.


His base armor went down by five. That’s it.


Lots of changes for Zyra came through! She gains more mana per five, but her regeneration doesn’t grow as much with her levels. Her passive, Garden of Thorns, had the seed spawn range lowered but the plants last much longer (eight seconds at all ranks). The seeds spawned by her passive also last 15 seconds less.

There’s also big changes to how her plants die. Different types of attacks do different damage values to the plants, either killing them instantly or not. Plants all have eight health. Here’s a breakdown of how much damage each attack type does:

  • Range basic attacks: 4
  • Melee basic attacks: 8
  • Single target spells: 8
  • Area-effect spells: 4
  • Damage over time effects: 1
  • Large minions/monsters: 2
  • Small minions/monsters: 1

So melee champions and single target spells should be able to one-shot Zyra’s plants, but other champions and spell types take a little bit longer.

That being said, her W, Rampant Growth, no longer gives the plants more health, but instead resets the cooldown of the skill by 20 percent when Zyra kills an enemy and 100 percent for champion takedowns, large minion kills and large monster kills.

The late game damage for Grasping Roots has been increased and Stranglethorns gives plants 50 percent more current and max health. Oof, that was a lot of changes.