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A breakdown of Xin Zhao, Eve, Ivern and Jarvan IV’s jungle changes in 7.24

Maybe J4 and Xin won’t be able to one shot anymore? Who can say?

Patch 7.24 brings us so very close to the end of the preseason. Thankfully, some love was payed to our favorite champions creeping around in the jungle. The changes aren’t too significant this time around but we do thankfully have some much needed nerfs to a few OP bush campers.


Evelynn has had her recommended items updated, which is nice if you hate scrolling through the shop. In addition, Eve is now warned when spotted by a turret, which is a fantastic quality of life change. In terms of actual balance, Eve’s first attack that procs Allure will now have it’s damage properly applied, including the MR shred. Yikes. Stay away from Eve this patch, squishy champs. Run for your life.


Poor Ivern, he’s had a rough go of things since the preseason started. To help him out a bit, Riot has went ahead and added in some buffs to keep our friend of the forest a little healthier. When Ivern goes to start clearing a camp with his passive, Friend of the Forest, he’ll only lose 25-8 percent of his health scaling rather than 33-11.75. This may not seem like a lot, but it makes all the difference in the world to Ivern players.

Jarvan IV

Man, Jarvan has been pretty frustrating to play against this patch. Thankfully, he’s getting hit with the nerf bat and seeing flat changes to his damage. His passive, Martial Cadence, now only does eight percent of the target’s current health, rather than 10. His Q, Dragon Strike, is also losing about 20 damage in the late game.

Riot Games

Xin Zhao

Out of all of these champs, Xin has probably been the worst to fight against. Now he’s losing some base health his W is getting changed. Wind Becomes Lightning is will now only scale off of .75 percent of Xin’s total AD, rather than .85. This should make a pretty huge difference in his ability to smash your face in at a moment’s notice.