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Ornn, Shen, Riven and more top laners changed in Patch 7.24

Is this all the top laners? I think this is all the top laners.

Patch 7.24 is one of our last patches of the year. It’s gonna be a long one, so buckle down and get excited about all these changes coming to your favorite top laners. There are a lot of them.


Hey look, it’s Camille! Remember her? British? White hair? Swords for legs? Well, she’s getting some balance changes this patch. Her Adaptive Defenses shield has been buffed, now lasting a full two seconds. Her Precision Protocol Q can now be re-cast for a full 3.5 after its initial cast. However, you still only have 1.5 seconds for the empowered version.

Is this technically a nerf? Yes, kinda. It will take longer for her empowered Q to become available. To make her a little easier though, Riot has added a helpful timer onto the ability tooltip.


Top lane’s big, bleedy boy has gotten a lot of balance changes to his passive this patch. Hemorrhage now does: more damage per stack, more damage at five stacks and Noxian Might now gives Darius scaling bonus AD every level instead of every three. This might not sound or look like a lot, but go see the numbers for yourself.


Maokai has some pretty light changes, but changes nonetheless. Bramble Smash, Mao’s Q, now does less damage throughout the game. This starts at about five less damage at skill level one and scales up to 25 less damage at skill level five.

Riot Games


So, Ornn was kinda OP this patch huh? To remedy that, his Bellows Breath (W) now does two percent less percentage health damage and has a slightly longer cooldown. His ultimate damage and cooldown remains unchanged, so have some fun out there with Ultimate Hat this holiday season.


Everyone can go ahead and uninstall League now because Riven is getting buffed. Not a big buff mind you, but still a buff. Her Broken Wings (Q) is seeing a very tiny base damage increase. However, the ability will also scale 0.05 percent better. It may not seem like a lot, but hey, it’s Riven.

Riot Games


Shen has some teeny-tiny changes this patch. His Q, Twilight Assault, is seeing a small damage reduction at levels 1/4/7/10/13 and 16. That’s it.


And Yorick’s changes are the smallest of them all. He is losing three base attack damage, going from 65 to 62.

Tank Items

That’s right, champions aren’t the only ones who got changes this patch. Sunfire Cape (and Forgefire Cape for you Ornn players) now does significantly more aura damage baseline. The additional damage done to minions has been drastically toned down to compensate.

Bramble Vest now only reflects three baseline damage back at the attacker (down from 15). However, it now scales with 10 percent of your armor, which is pretty cool.