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League of Legends Patch 7.24: 5 things to know

The most important thing is Snowdown, tbh.

Riot Games

Ah yes, the final big patch of the year (aside from a baby patch coming later). It’s time to say goodbye to the “7.XX” that we’ve known for the last year and get ready to say hello to season 8. Patch 7.24 brings a small amount of content and a metric ton of balance changes. If you felt that the preseason was getting a little too scraggly, Riot has got you covered.

Has Zoe been bugging you in game? Well, she is getting a lot of changes this week. How about runes? Have they been bothering you? Those are getting plenty of balance changes, too. If you’re an Ivern fan or a Xin Zhao hater (aren’t we all?), this patch will put a smile on your face. The best part of this end of the year patch is Snowdown. We have new winter skins coming soon and the return of ARURF later this month.

This marks the beginning of the end for preseason, ya’ll. Enjoy it.

For a full list of changes, check out our 7.24 patch notes.

1. Zoe is getting a bunch of small changes

New champions are always guaranteed at least a few changes in the first balance patch after release, but Zoe’s getting more than most in Patch 7.24. Aside from quality of life changes, like making her Paddle Star do what it’s supposed to — instead of sometimes disappearing — Zoe’s also getting quite a few changes that should make her easier to play against. Most notable for Zoe’s opponents, Sleepy Trouble Bubble won’t travel as far and Summoner Spells dropped by minions won’t sit on the ground for nearly as long.

2. There’s a lot of balancing going on

This patch is for everyone who wondered why more champions weren’t getting changes last patch. Turns out, Riot just wanted to be sure that these changes were necessary, now that they have a little more data to work with, Riot is making changes over 20 champions in Patch 7.24. Odds are if there’s a champion you haven’t seen much of — like Ivern — or one that’s banned every game — like Xin Zhao — they saw a bit of a change this patch.

3. Runes got changed

It’s hard to get everything right the first time with something like runes and hey, props to Riot for making a relatively balanced system this size. But there are still some runes that aren’t good at all and some that are a bit too good. This patch is specifically reigning in the Precision tree. Lethal Tempo is getting a pretty big nerf while the other two Keystones are getting buffed up. Triumph and Coup de Grace are also getting nerfed because everyone takes them no matter what.

4. ARURF is getting a winter update

ARURF is back once again and this time it’s gonna be snow themed. All the winter skins are going to be free during the event and everyone will get a new version of the Snowball summoner that have a nearly global range. It’s not quite enough to make ARURF feel like a whole new game mode, but this version has plenty of changes to remind you why you loved URF to begin with.

5. The holiday event, Snowdown, is here

Riot Games

It’s the most wonderful time of the year on Summoner’s Rift. We can all pretend that these balance changes matter, but everyone actually just plays this game for the skins, obviously. Snowdown this year brings three adorable new skins to the game. We have Santa Draven, Ambitious Elf Jinx and Snow Fawn Poppy. There are also lots of new Snowdown emotes for you to get your hands on. Truly a magical time for all to spread cheer and BM this holiday season.