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League of Legends Patch 7.24b: 3 things to know

It’s the last patch of 2017 and you don’t even need to download it!

What a season, what a season. Patch 7.24b is here to close out the year for all of us. This patch is entirely balance based, and does some pretty nice work to ensure that more champions are playable over the next several weeks.

As the holiday season draws nearer, Rioters will be stepping away from development until early next year. We are done with new announcements and changes for 2017. All that remains now is to reminisce about the old rune system in front of a fire.

But don’t worry, the first patch of season 8 is promised to hit around January 9 or 10. To hold you off until then, fighters are getting buffed, lethality items are getting toned down a bit and some of the more OP runes are getting reigned in.

1. There are a whole lot of champion changes

Since this is the last patch of the year, Riot has really gone out of their way to buff some scary champions. Fighters in particular are getting some pretty significant buffs. Kayn is seeing an increase in his AD growth and healing potential. Yasuo is also seeing some significant damage buffs. Aatrox, Kled and Renekton will also be gaining some fun new strengths. Watch out top laners, this is gonna be a rough one for you.

2. Lethality items are getting a little less ridiculous

Chances are, if you’ve played any games in the last week or two, almost half the champions in your game were building Lethality items, and if you weren’t, they probably killed you more than a few times. The good news is even Riot knows that’s probably a few too many longswords for one game, so Lethality items are getting a big change in the mid-patch update. All the staple Lethality items are losing two of the stat to help bring them in line.

Riot Games

3. Sorcery is getting nerfed

The only line of runes to receive a change this patch, Riot is hoping to bring Sorcery a little closer to the Precision and Domination trees to give players a few more options when it comes to offensive runes. While Arcane Comet isn’t getting changed — sorry bot laners — the tree as a whole will give a slightly smaller adaptive damage bonus. That’s not the only change though. Scorch is also getting a slight nerf in damage, while Manaflow Band will have a much longer cooldown after the patch.