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League of Legends patch 7.23: 5 things to know

The one with Zoe ... and a lot of bug fixes.

Riot Games

Ah yes, the patch after the big patch, here is 7.23 to fix all the broken things from Patch 7.22.

Patch 7.23 is actually pretty small in terms of balance changes. This is partially due to the mid-patch changes that Riot made when things were really out of line. But still, this patch brings a new champion, a new game mode, quality of life changes to the First Win of the Day mission and so much more!

Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight, is a bubbly new mid laner who can literally steal Summoner Spells and use them whenever she wants. Some champs who aren’t doing so hot, like Gragas, are also getting a little bit of pep back in their step. Champions like Rammus, on the other hand, who are dancing their way to the top of the win rate board are getting their wings clipped a big. Finally, turrets are getting less ... easy to kill after some of the preseason changes.

For a complete change list, check out the patch notes here.

1. Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight, is here

It’s a new champion patch, one of the most exciting times of the year. But this new one is pretty dang special. Zoe has a personality that is deeply new and refreshing for League. Even past her personality, she can do some weird stuff. She has a new stun type (sleep) and can use Summoner Spells in a pretty unique way. Zoe promises to be one of League’s most unique champions, so don’t sleep on this one (bu-dump-tshhhh).

2. Turrets are getting a little harder to kill

If you’ve played League of Legends over the past several patches you probably know that turrets haven’t been very sturdy lately. Thankfully, Riot is here to help by adding 300 health to every turret. But fear not split-pushers, Riot has thought of you too and are giving minions a bit more damage and some additional late game movement speed to make sure you can still push waves while your team distracts the enemy.

Riot Games

3. Summon Aery is no longer the best rune on every mage

Of all the new Keystone runes, Summon Aery was far and away the most versatile. Originally designed to be most beneficial for champions who could take advantage of Aery’s offensive and defensive potential, the rune became the default choice for any champ that had magic damage in their kit, or just a little bit of poke. With Patch 7.23 those players will be forced to make a more meaningful decision now that Aery’s damage has gone down and should be a little more inline with the other Sorcery Keystones.

4. First win of the day will give you Blue Essence and a little less XP

If there’s one complaint the community has about this preseason so far, it’s Blue Essence and the fact that you only gain it from leveling up. While the change that was made isn’t actually all that big, and should be netting players a little more of the currency, fans have voiced their dissatisfaction on every platform available and Riot are responding. As of Patch 7.23 your first win of the day will grant you a little less XP and a nice little bonus of 50 Blue Essence.

5. More Project skins arrive

Riot Games

The spooky skins are out and the wintery skins are just around the corner. So with 7.23, we’re getting neat new PROJECT skins to hold us over until the holidays. Welcome PROJECT: Vi, PROJECT: Vayne and PROJECT: Jhin into the fold. They’re all lovely and you can pick them up for 1350 RP when the hit the store during 7.23!