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Evelynn’s win rate improves, Urgot’s skyrockets in Patch 7.21

Some of the more delightfully monstrous champs got boosts this patch.

Riot Games

In the latest patch, Evelynn and Urgot both got a handful of changes. Evelynn only got a little tweak to her Whiplash, but Urgot saw buffs for nearly all of his abilities. As a result, he’s doing quite well now in the top lane.

All of these statistics are pulled from!

She’s gone up a bit from a little over 45 percent to 49.16 percent! That’s much closer to the balanced 50. We won’t strictly attribute it to her buffs, though. Players probably have gotten much used to playing as the speedy seductress, stabilizing her win rate.

Urgot has gone from around 48 percent to a 53.23 percent win rate! His play rate has also jumped from 1.28 percent to 3.72 percent. It’s obvious that players saw his changes and knew they’d be able to grab some last minute LP with him. Urgot is also a pretty good Galio counter, so with all that nonsense happening this week, it’s no wonder he’s been played more.