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Preseason win rate changes: Ezreal shoots up, Bard flops

Ezreal is at a 56.04 percent win rate and that’s a little bit scary.

Riot Games

Preseason has officially started and, of course, all sorts of wacky things are happening to the meta we once knew. With the introduction of the new rune system, champions are rising up from the ashes or getting knock off their pedestals and becoming bottom-barrel picks. Let’s look at some of the big changes we’ve seen.

So, Yorick actually got a direct buff this patch. His Last Rites now affects turrets, which has helped him splitpush his way to victory. His reign of terror won’t last for long, though, as he will be getting nerfed next patch. Take advantage while you can!

Rammus’ win rate was never bad, as it’s been above 50 percent for a pretty long time. The new Aftershock rune has helped him stay tankier as he taunts, turning him into a tank machine. With Iron Skin and Overgrowth, he just continues to get bulkier and bulkier. He was already a monster before, but now you’ll probably start having a hard time counting all those black lines to see how much health he has.

Corki meshes well with Press the Attack with Celerity and Gathering Storm from Sorcery, though statistics say that he has a higher win rate when it takes Fleet Footwork with Taste of Blood and Ravenous hunter from Domination. Either way, the new runes have definitely benefited Corki’s hybrid style.

This is ADC Ezreal, not Jungle Ezreal, and he’s popping off with Kleptomancy and Future’s Market. Cosmic Insight is also great for Ezreal because an Ez with shorter cooldowns is an Ez that can “pew pew” more. Taking Perfect Timing to get an early Stopwatch has a higher win rate than taking Biscuit Delivery, but both seem to work just fine. A ton of players are taking the Sorcery tree as secondary with Manaflow Band to keep those arcane missiles flying.

Oh, Bard. He’s now in the lower part of the support list, only followed by Annie, Miss Fortune, Nunu and Ivern — champions who don’t really belong in the support position. Most Bard players are benefiting way more from taking Kleptomancy and Hextech Flashtraption, along with Font of Life and Revitalize, though people are more commonly taking Sorcery runes, dragging our beloved air bag down. While Arcane Comet might seem like a great rune for our horn toot-er, it’s definitely not the right move.

All information is gathered from, from Platinum rank or higher.