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Rammus, Evelynn, Udyr and Sejuani see changes in Patch 7.21

Maybe Udyr will be good now? (He won’t be.)

Riot Games

The jungle has gotten a handful of changes with Evelynn, Udyr and Rammus receiving buffs and Sejuani finally getting a much needed nerf. You can take a look at what all these changes are below.


This could arguably be called a nerf by some. Rammus now gets more of an armor bonus from his Defensive Ball Curl, though he gets less of a magic resist bonus. The tankiest tank just got a bit tankier against attack damage champions.


Evelynn’s E, Whiplash, now has minimum percent health damage. You can now do at least 25 damage from each use of Whiplash, meaning that yes, you can kill mini Krugs with it now.


Sej got a bunch of nerfs to her base stats. Her armor, armor growth, magic resist and magic resist growth have all been lowered. Her passive now gives more flat resistances and has a lower cooldown and longer duration in the early game, but in exchange, the freeze damage on her Permafrost has been lowered.


Udyr got buffs to both his Tiger and Phoenix Stance and a buff to his attack damage growth stat!

For all the complete patch details, you can see the full notes here.