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League of Legends Patch 7.20: 5 things to know

Introducing more fair, less annoying Evelynn and good, good, good skins.

Riot Games

Patch 7.20 is here and it has brought plenty of new toys for all of us to play with. If you have ever wanted to express yourself more than just a mastery flash, you can now pick up emotes in the shop. For stealth fans, the highly anticipated Evelynn rework also hits this patch. Just remember to buy a Control Ward and save a life. If you are looking for new skins or your state mandated Ornn buffs, those are here too.

Of course that isn’t all. Sterak’s Gage is getting a pretty sizable overhaul, which is great news if you have ever played against a Graves. Other champions are seeing plenty of changes as well (consider the Kench unbenched). If you want to express yourself by BMing the enemy team with emotes, you can do that now! If you always wanted Gnar to be a baby science robot, hey we got that too! But most importantly, if you have always wanted Evelynn to be a fun champion, your wish has finally been granted.

You can check out a full list of 7.20 changes here.

1. Evelynn rework

Evelynn has struggled in League to say the least. She has been terrible. She has been amazing. But no matter how strong or weak, she has always been a pain in the ass. With her new rework, she finally feels like a cohesive champion designed around one theme and mechanic. Jungle fans should be sure to check her out and mid laners should really stay as far away as possible from their brushes this patch.

2. Emotes are here

We finally have emotes! Coming to every region with Patch 7.20, you can set up your own personal emote wheel with five different things to spam at your teammates and enemies. Don’t worry though, Riot thought ahead and already added the ability to mute people’s emotes if their going overboard. For a full look at the emote system, check out our breakdown here.

Riot Games

3. Even. More. Ornn. Buffs.

For anyone that has been playing since Ornn’s release, more buffs to the champion shouldn’t be too surprising. Not necessarily because he is terribly weak, but because he had quite a bit of room for improvement on release. So, with Patch 7.20 he is getting a helping hand, mostly in the form of a change to his W from damage based on the target’s current health, to their max health. This should help him pose a little more of a threat to tanks and be a little more scary as games get later. This change, alongside a slight quality-of-life change to his ultimate, might be enough to get Ornn in just the right place as we head into preseason.

4. Sterak's Gage is only for melee champions now

It’s about time we saw a Sterak’s Gage update. This is an item that, when it’s in a good place, should be used by juggernauts and basically no one else. In order to push it a little further in that direction, Riot is making it a melee only item and taking away the base attack damage buff, while adding some Tenacity. The new version should be a pretty attractive pick up for champions that are vulnerable to crowd control, and would otherwise struggle to get their damage out in a big teamfight.

Riot Games

5. Four new Super Galaxy skins

If you, like me, thought that the Super Galaxy line of skins was some of the best stuff out there in League, this is a very good patch for you! Four new Super Galaxy skins are dropping this patch and they all look so good. We have Super Galaxy Annie and her sick-ass robo-Tibbers, Super Galaxy Elise complete with hologram cocoon, Super Galaxy Nidalee who is a robotic cat in real life and Super Galaxy Gnar who is an adorable little science man who transforms into a big mech.

These skins are all so, so nice and you may as well set your wallet on fire.