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Nidalee will receive ‘fairly sizable’ buff in Patch 7.2

Once the unquestioned queen of the jungle, Nidalee currently has the lowest win rate at the position.

Riot Games

There was a long time where Nidalee was undoubtedly the best pick in the jungle. A mainstay in both competitive and regular play, Nidalee was picked or banned in 59.3% of competitive games over the course of the Summer Split, and as recently as patch 6.20 had a 8.45 percent play rate.

That’s dipped to 2.11, and her win rate has plummeted from 50.77 percent five patches ago to an abysmal 40.45 percent, last among all 51 junglers listed on’s statistics of ranked games Platinum and above.

Well, fear not, Nidalee mains, because changes are coming, as Lead Champion Designer Andrei “Meddler” Van Roon posted on the boards last week:

We'll be buffing Nid in 7.2. Not sure what changes yet, would be aiming for a fairly sizable power increase given her current state though.

Nidalee’s drop in popularity and effectiveness occurred after a series of major nerfs in Patch 6.21, which increased her cooldowns of all abilities in Cougar Form and reduced the healing on her E in Human Form.