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Urgot, Evelynn reworks confirmed

Galio’s up next, but these two will be following after.

Urgot splash art Riot Games

With Warwick’s well-received rework already out and on the client, it’s time for Riot’s Large Rework Teams to move their focus elsewhere. Riot has two Large Rework Teams -- Alpha and Bravo -- who focus on one specific champion at a time for a major overhaul. Until Warwick’s release, Team Bravo worked on Warwick while Team Alpha worked on Galio.

Tuesday, we received updates on both team’s next projects in a Nexus blog post. With Warwick done, Team Bravo is moving onto Urgot. Team Alpha’s next project after Galio will be Evelynn.

Urgot has been one of the more troubled champions in League of Legends for years, barely seeing any play at the pro or amateur levels and not even really finding a position to stick to. He’s swapped around from ADC to mid to top lane, and it sounds like he’s going to get a completely fresh start:

Urgot is like the poster child of champions with confused thematics, kit, visuals, and narrative. He’s a ranged character with a knife-hand, he’s a Marksman that’s also kind of a tank, that swaps himself INTO the enemy team. He’s Noxian but he looks like he’s from Zaun. There’s A LOT of stuff going on with Urgot that have made him a very difficult champion to rework, but we are happy to announce that we finally have a solid direction for Urgot that we want to go into production with.

Urgot will be receiving a complete visual overhaul as well.

For Evelynn, the stealth jungler has seen a slight resurgence in popularity recently thanks to strong play from FlyQuest jungler Galen “Moon” Holgate on the NA LCS stage, but Riot still sees much to improve.

The first thing we want to address is Evelynn’s kit. Our three big design goals with Evelynn’s kit are to solidify her as the Assassin she was meant to be (not the diver she has become), add a bit more more satisfaction on ability use, and increase her game health. Specifically, we want to make her map presence less oppressive in the early game. We think PermaStealth is a cool and unique trait, so we don’t plan on removing it but we do think there is a healthier version of it that will allow us to shift power elsewhere in Evelynn’s kit.

The team also wants to take a deeper dive into Evelynn’s place in the League of Legends lore.