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Lulu gets buffs in 7.2 even after pro play picks

Pleased to meet you.

In Patch 7.2, the lovely, purple Yordle herself will be seeing a few buffs. Yes, Lulu is getting a little bit stronger this patch, despite already being competitively viable.

Riot Games

The buffs themselves are relatively small, but may make a sizable impact on a champ that is already in meta. Lulu’s passive, Faerie Companion, which makes Pix basic attack alongside Lulu, now does more damage at every level. Pix will now also level up alongside Lulu every time instead of every other, meaning the Faerie Companion’s damage will increase more frequently. Lulu’s Q, Glitterlance, has also had its mana cost reduced by 10, now starting at 50 and scaling up to 70 at level five.

In week one of the Season 7 Spring Split, Lulu was picked as a support in 4 games, primarily as a counter to Malzahar. That’s more than Nautilus, Bard, Braum, or Zilean. While she isn't Zyra (who was picked a whopping 40 times), Lulu certainly isn’t in a bad place either. With these minor buffs, we will probably see her rise up a little bit in terms of support priority. As a side note, it is possible that we could see a return of solo lane Lulu with these changes. It may not be safe to just assume that the enemy Lulu is going support.