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Jungle camps get harder to take, spawn later

Plus: the Rift Scuttler gets a long deserved snack

Riot Games

As part of Riot’s on-going Season 7 mission to bring the impact of the jungler closer down to that of the other roles, Patch 7.2 contains a series of changes to the jungle itself. These changes focus mostly on junglers’ initial clear, making it significantly harder to take the whole jungle early the way some champions could.

The first change relates to the time in the game that the jungle camps spawn:

INITIAL JUNGLE SPAWN :: 1:37 >>> 1:40

GROMP AND KRUG SPAWN :: 1:49 >>> 1:52

This change seems aimed at reducing the ability of laners to give smiteless leashes with no sacrifice to their lane. This change is also accompanied by significant increases to the overall damage of a couple of camps:


ATTACK DAMAGE :: 45 >>> 70

[NEW] RUNNING OUT OF BREATH :: Attack damage decreases over the first five attacks to 50 (matching Gromp’s decaying attack speed over the first five attacks)

[NEW] BOOM BOOM :: Gromp’s first two attacks are now shown as critical strikes

Ancient Krug


The final change to initial clear and sustain is the first spawn of the Honeyfruit, which got pushed later in the game. Along with a buff to the Rift Scuttler’s love of Honeyfruit and overall hunger levels:


INITIAL SPAWN TIMER :: Between ||| 5:00 and 5:30 >>> 6:00 and 6:30

Rift Scuttler

Hungry scuttles.

FORAGING :: Rift Scuttlers now eat nearby Honeyfruit. If you kill them while they’re eating, you have no heart.

These changes, combined with those from the last patch, should make early game jungling a much more risky and less rewarding task. While this may sound negative at first, it should also open up opportunities in the jungle to a few champions we haven’t seen recently, who aren’t quite as strong at early clears and ganks. The changes should also help laners feel a little safer during the early parts of the game, as well as keep them level with junglers as they head into the midgame.

For all the changes in patch 7.2 you can check out our breakdown here.