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Warwick’s new ability kit is here

He leaps!

Riot Games

The next release for Riot’s design team is the reworked Warwick update. Hints have been dropped all week, but we finally got a first look at his ability kit in this video released Tuesday.

The full details for his update were released soon after.

Warwick’s passive is called Eternal Thirst. His basic attacks do extra magic damage, and if he’s below half health he’s healed for the same amount as the bonus damage.

Warwick's Q is called Jaws of the Beast. With it, he leaps forward and bites an enemy, healing for a portion of the damage done. If Warwick holds down Q, he jumps behind the target.

Warwick’s W is called Blood Hunt. Passively it causes enemies that have less than half health to leave behind a global blood trail and makes them Blood Hunted, causing Warwick to have increased attack speed against them and out-of-combat movement speed towards them. This bonus is tripled when against a champion with very low health.

When activated all champions within a large area leave blood trails no matter what their health, and the nearest champion is Blood Hunted. Blood Hunt’s active cooldown is faster when no enemies are being hunted.

Warwick’s E is called Primal Howl. Warwick takes reduced damage for a short time, at the end — or when activated again — Warwick fears nearby enemies causing them to run away from him.

Warwick’s R is called Infinite Duress. It causes Warwick to leap in a target direction landing on the first enemy he hits dealing damage and applying on-hit effects for a period of time. Warwick can jump further based on his movement speed and heals for all damage he does during the ability. Warwick is also immune to crowd control effects while he is leaping.

The beginning of the video gives us a glimpse of Warwick in action, as he chases down the enemy team in a team fight. He activates his W and runs into their jungle, as we see scent trails from each of the enemy champions before he leaps on Xerath, taking him down.

Here are Warwick’s new splash arts:

Previous hints included a lore story involving Singed and a terrifying first-person video showing the first glimpse at new Warwick.