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Next new champion, Ryze update and more changes on the way soon

Riot Games responds to inquiries about the Cloud Drake, Taliyah and more.

Riot Games

Andrei 'Meddler' van Roon posted a blog on the League of Legends website today noting where the company stood on the results of the mid-season changes. While they seem generally fine with some things, they noted that change is coming to others.

Some of the topics they talked about were:

  • Cloud Drake's strength is exactly what they want.
  • Small buffs to Taliyah and visual improvements to Taric's skills are coming.
  • Supports will be getting small changes to adjust them to the meta.
  • Changes are coming to create a better balance for professional players and Worlds.
  • Ryze's update and a new champion will be released soon™.

Meddler noted that they've seen the complaints about how weak the Cloud Drake seems in comparison to his other elemental brothers, but they won't be changing him anytime soon. Changes may occur in the future, but they want to see the significance in professional play before they do anything too crazy.

The team also plans to add another AP item that gives 20 percent cooldown reduction, since Morellonomicon is pretty situational.

Taliyah will also be seeing some small buffs soon. While the company has noted that she does decently with players who have adapted to her learning curve, she's still not quite where they want her to be. Taric will also be getting some visual work to his skills to add more clarity, especially since his invulnerability is a bit hard to see.

Riot also stated that Ryze's much-anticipated rework will be coming sometime within the next patches, along with a new champion. The Rogue Mage's model will finally be less...pointy-looking!

Riot Games

They also included a sweet list of improvements we will be seeing, as well as watch patch we'll be seeing them in.

Patch 6.12 will have balance for many marksmen items, as well as champion mastery for ARAM and Twisted Treeline. Patch 6.13 will be focusing more on supports, balancing and tweaking them to fix the meta more, as well as fixing how champion mastery scores work for them. Patches 6.14 and 6.15 will have balances for professional players for Worlds qualifiers. Patches 6.16 through 6.18 will be more focused on professional competitive play, getting ready for Worlds.

While patches that focus on professional play don't seem very exciting (especially to us casuals,) we can probably expect to see Ryze's update and the new champion before Worlds, since the pros will need to be able to adapt to them.