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Patch 6.24 assassin changes include Katarina, LeBlanc, Rengar

The fine tuning of the assassin updates continues.

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Ever since the pre-season’s big assassin updates, League of Legends’ single-target burst champions have been struggling to reach solid win rates. Patch 6.23 was no different, as the assassins still brought up the back of the pack for midlaners. With that in mind, 6.24 makes some much needed changes to a few of the champions that were taking the update harder than others.

Among the smaller updates are Akali and Fizz. For Akali this just means applying her passive healing and damage boosts to towers. Meanwhile Fizz is getting some updated visuals for his ultimate, including an animation when an enemy picks the particle of a missed ultimate as well as a more prominent display of range for these fish-out-of-water ultimates to his enemies.

The champions who saw the biggest changes are likely Katarina and LeBlanc, both of whom got large scale numbers changes in patch 6.24.

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For Katarina, these changes seek to give her passive a little more potency in the early and mid-game, helping her get to her strong point with a little less hassle:

Passive - Voracity

DAGGER DAMAGE (LEVELS 1 - 6) :: 75/78/83/88/95/103 >>> 75/80/87/94/102/111

DAGGER DAMAGE (LEVELS 7 - 12) :: 112/122/133/145/159/173 >>> 120/131/143/155/168/183

DAGGER DAMAGE (LEVELS 13 - 18) :: 189/206/224/243/264/285 >>> 198/214/231/248/267/287

LeBlanc’s changes help push her abilities a little bit closer together in the late game damage, but nerf her wave clear slightly:

Base Stats

HEALTH REGEN :: 8.5 >>> 7.4


Q - Shatter Orb

DAMAGE :: 55/80/105/130/155 >>> 55/90/125/160/195


TOOLTIP FIX :: Shatter Orb’s tooltip now reflects the correct bounce damage against minions

BUGFIX :: Shatter Orb bounces no longer count as single-target spells for Spell Vamp

E - Ethereal Chains

DAMAGE :: 40/65/90/115/140 >>> 40/60/80/100/120

The final assassin changes in 6.24 are coming to champions who have been getting by a little better since the pre-season in Rengar and Shaco.

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A small passive change for Shaco should mean a serious break in backstab damage for those who have to play against him:

Passive - Backstab

BETTER CRIT’ING :: If the attack that procs Backstab would critically strike normally, it now deals normal crit damage rather than Backstab’s reduced crit damage

THUNDERSTAB :: Fixed a bug where Backstab wasn’t stacking Thunderlord’s Decree

Rengar, on the other hand, is receiving some bigger changes to his passive that should make it a little less powerful, while he get’s a slight increase in damage per level to help if he falls behind:

Base Stats


Bonetooth Necklace

FLAT BONUS :: 1/3/6/10/15 attack damage >>> 1/3/7/13/20 attack damage

PERCENT BONUS :: +2/6/12/20/30% bonus attack damage >>> +1/3/7/13/20% bonus attack damage

BUGFIX :: Fixed a bug where Bonetooth Necklace was granting %total attack damage instead of % bonus attack damage

Check out our patch breakdown for more information on all the changes coming to the game when patch 6.24 hits on December 7th.