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Patch 6.24 AD Carry changes include Twitch, Vayne, Fervor

Vayne and Twitch are both getting nerfs while Varus joins Kog’Maw on the slow road back to the botlane.

Riot Games

Twitch and Vayne have been far and away the strongest AD Carries on patch 6.23, and both are receiving nerfs in the game’s latest patch. Other AD Carries, especially those reliant on Fervor and previously reliant on armor penetration items like Lucian, have been struggling, and there are some tweaks heading their way as well.

For Twitch, who had the highest win rate in the game during the patch, these nerfs focus on taking strength away from his laning phase to balance out his late-game power:

Passive - Deadly Venom

TRUE DAMAGE PER STACK : 2/3/4/5/6 >>> 1/2/3/4/5

W - Venom Cask

COST : 50 mana >>> 70 mana

Riot Games

Vayne, on the other hand, is getting nerfed in the other direction, pulling a little bit of power from Tumble which was giving her a little too much late game power:

Q - Tumble

BONUS DAMAGE : 0.3/0.4/0.5/0.6/0.7 total attack damage >>> 0.3/0.35/0.4/0.45/0.5 total attack damage

Patch 6.24 also aims to pull two AD Carries back from their brief stint in midlane with changes to both Varus and Kog’Maw. Over the last several patches, both champions have been more useful as casters with high-damaging abilities than the traditional strong auto attacks of AD Carries.

Riot Games

Riot hopes to change that for Varus by increasing the effectiveness of his passive in the late-game:

Passive - Living Vengeance

[NEW] BONUS ATTACK SPEED RATIO :: +50%bonus attack speed on champion kill/assist (halved for minion/monster kills)

DURATION :: 6 seconds for champion proc, 3 seconds for minion/monster proc >>> 5 seconds in both cases

Riot Games

Kog’Maw will get similar changes, but will receive a bit of an Ability Power nerf as well:

W - Bio-Arcane Barrage

ON-HIT DAMAGE :: 2/3/4/5/6% maximum health >>> 3/4/5/6/7% maximum health

E - Void Ooze

DAMAGE :: 60/110/160/210/260 >>> 60/105/150/195/240

RATIO :: 0.7 ability power >>> 0.5 ability power

The final AD Carry change in patch 6.24 is a bit more sweeping, as the mastery Fervor of Battle gains a few buffs. The mastery lost much of its effectiveness when it saw changes earlier on in the pre-season, acting as a slight nerf to some attack speed AD Carries. With these changes though, those ADCs should be back to their late game dominance:

STACK DURATION :: 4 seconds >>> 6 seconds

MAX STACKS :: 10 >>> 8

ATTACK DAMAGE PER STACK :: 1-6 (at levels 1-18) >>> 1-8 (at levels 1-18)

MAX ATTACK DAMAGE :: 10-60 >>> 8-64

Check out our patch breakdown for more information on all the changes coming to the game when patch 6.24 hits on December 7th.