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5 things to know about Patch 6.24, the one that starts the ranked season

It’s finally here!

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We’ve reached the end of the preseason, and it’s time for the League of Legends patch update that sends us hurtling into the new season. This is a bigger patch than the last one, which saw minor tweaks following the preseason, and it introduces a new champion: Camille.

Also coming in Patch 6.24: tweaks to the recently reworked assassin class, health updates for a struggling group of AD Carries, nerfs to overperforming champions like Ivern, changes to Rylai’s Crystal Scepter and the addition of some sweet snowy skins.\

Here are the five things you really need to know before stepping onto the rift on Patch 6.24. For a list of all the changes, click here.

  1. Camille is here!

League’s kickiest champion arrives on the rift with the release of this patch, along with release skin Program Camille. For more on Camille, check out her ability kit and stay tuned for our guide.

2. Ranked season is starting

That’s right — it’s early this year. Instead of waiting until Patch 7.1, the 2017 ranked season will start on Patch 6.24. If you’ve been playing ranked during the preseason, the gains and/or losses you have made will factor into your MMR for the new season, but you will have to do a new set of placement matches, whether you’re playing solo/duo or flex queue. If you need a refresher on the difference between the two, click here.

3. Rylai’s Crystal Scepter changed

Rylai’s Crystal Scepter has been a staple for basically every mage for quite a while now -- as an item that gives magic damage, health and applies a slow on all abilities, it’s pretty dang effective. Seeing an item pop up that frequently usually means it’s a problem, and the items getting a small overhaul as a result.

The slow on Rylai’s has now been standardized — previously, single target and area-effect spells caused a stronger slow. Now, no matter what, Rylai’s slows for 20 percent for one second.

The stats it gives have also been slightly nerfed — health down to 300 from 400 and ability power to 75 from 100 — and the cost has been decreased by 600 gold too as a result.

4. Courage of the Colossus nerfed

Another ever-present part of the preseason has been the new keystone mastery Courage of the Colossus. It’s skyrocketed the win rate of champions like Nautilus and others with crowd control initiation tools, and it’s getting a nerf as well.

COOLDOWN :: 30 seconds >>> 45 - 30 seconds (at levels 1-18)

SHIELD PER NEARBY ENEMY :: 7% >>> 5% (25% maximum)

A former user of Courage of the Colossus, Ivern, has also been nerfed, increasing the mana and decreasing the movement speed slow on his E, Triggerseed.

5. Snowy skins!

We know what you’re really here for — those sweet, sweet holiday-themed skins. Fret not: Santa Braum, Winter Wonder Karma and Snow Day Graves will all be released during Patch 6.24.

Riot Games
Riot Games
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