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Solo and duo queue are officially coming back for Season 7

They’re revamping Dynamic Queue into a whole new beast, too.

Riot Games

It’s official. Riot is bringing back Solo/Duo Queue with some small changes. It’ll be like season 5, except better.

There will be two separate queues and Dynamic Queue is not one of them. First is the new Solo/Duo Queue which lets people join queue with one other person (if they so choose.) Just like current match-making, you’ll be able to enter your two preferred roles. New to the match-making system is the ability to pick your least-favorite role so you don’t have to play it. (This feature is currently on PBE and is being tested now.)

Challenger will remain Solo Queue only, like how it is now.

Similar to Dynamic Queue is the Ranked Flex Queue, which lets you party up with up to five people to play. Ranked 5s will be merged into this queue, allowing 5s to be played 24 hours a day again! Woohoo!

The two queues will unlock the same rewards, but Ranked Flex Queue-rs will get a little unique flair on their border. If you climb to gold using both queues, you’ll get an extra special reward!

There will be a need for solo players to queue up in the Ranked Flex Queue to help fill holes when 4-man teams want to play. Riot is encouraging players who like to hard-carry but are also up to working in a serious competitive team-based mindset to join this queue.

With this, ranked emblems, those little red markings on your profile that showed if you were a boosted bonobo or a serious climber, will disappear.

Goodbye, Dynamic Queue. You were always broken and bad. Hello, Ranked Flex Queue and welcome back, Solo/Duo Queue!